Three kids, a tripod, and a camera timer.

April 14, 2011

Cookie Dog, Family, Humor, Our Chillins

Have you ever had dinner on the porch?


Have you ever picked your nose at the table?


Have you ever pretended your hands were binoculars with ultra-violet-batman-night-vision goggles?


Did you know that a tripod and a camera’s self timer could be THIS FUN?


Nope… ¬†They didn’t either…

How do you make meal times fun?

What is the silliest place you ever used the timer on your camera?

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2 Responses to “Three kids, a tripod, and a camera timer.”

  1. Harold & Brigitte Says:

    Ann-You always do a splendid job with whatever task is at hand! This is truly a wonderful blog with excellent pics and comments! Keep growing strong!

  2. JennyO Says:

    LOL I Love the angle you put your tripod at for these pics. Silliest place? Hmmm not sure maybe when I used my tripod in the gym and did my selfie jump shots… lol:

    Kinda silly ;)