A Tale of Two Closets

August 20, 2010

Military Life, Moving

So here is what the new closets look like in our new apartment…

(I realize I said “new” twice… I’m still adjusting to the whole moving concept…)

and here is what our current closet system looks like…

Bottom line? My current system of “dresser in the closet” — isn’t going to work.

And the rubbermaid bins filled with hand-me-downs to grow into — isn’t going to work.

 SO — this weekend my plan is to purge the kids closets of outgrown clothes,
switch to their fall wardrobe, and maybe go measure the new room sizes to map out their furniture.

Do you have big plans for this weekend?

There is an Alt Stadt Festival in our local German town!

It’s kinda like the small town summer carnivals in the states – food venders, kiddy rides, and live music.

Word on the street is – the Mamarazzi will be there taking pictures!

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