WALLE Birthday Cake

June 17, 2010

Cooking, Dessert

This week on Life as a Mom, Miss Jessica is hosting a Birthday Cake Roundup!
I thought I would dust off some archives and share the Wall-E Cake I made for Jacob’s 4th birthday!
Did you know – when you Google “walle cake” there are over 841,000 images.
Here is what I used for my inspiration…
The first thing I do, is draw the cake by hand.
Here are my sketches…
Then I draw the outlines on the cake with a toothpick.
Here it is with the black icing started.
and then fill in the colors
It took me about 4 hours to draw everything out, color and pipe the icing…
Isn’t it amazing what parents will do for our kids???
The next day I knew Seth was up to something…
He was printing something off the computer and I noticed him cutting crusts off the sandwiches
What are you up to hunny?
Just makin some Walle Birthday Sandwiches!
Seriously… I love this man…
And here is the birthday boy with his cake…
What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for a family birthday?
Have you been up until midnight decorating a cake?
(Tell me I’m not the only one!)
Did you drive across town to find the last cabbage patch doll in town?
(My mom admitted this to me recently – I was shocked!)

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