Military Spouse Blogging Community

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Household 6 Diva is the story of a Modern Military Family.

We are very similar and yet also different from the average American Family.

Like most families, we work on…
– Learning to communicate better for our marriage.
– Learning to cook healthy meals and still be frugal with our money.
– Raising children and planting a garden to teach them where food comes from.
– Maintaining relationships and building a career while raising a family.

And yet, we are set apart by…
– Packing up our things and moving every 2-4 years.
– Coping with multiple deployments – some lasting up to 15 months.
– Living overseas where everyone speaks a different language.
– Challenging separations due to training for weeks in between.

During my first year of blogging, I have been so blessed by the support and encouragement I have received from the International Blogging Community.  I want to share this experience with other military families.

I want to give something back to the Blogosphere.

My contribution will be a simple, easy to navigate link-list of Military Spouse Bloggers who are interested in  connecting with others, sharing ideas and relating through common experiences.

These families are rich in culture and diversity because they are a cross section of the small towns and big cities of the United States – some even from other countries of the world serving to earn their citizenship.

This will be a place for connections to be made.

By connecting with these Military families, there is a huge opportunity for learning about how average American families uproot themselves and learn to adapt to new cultures and traditions.  (Did you know there are military bases in Korea? Japan? Italy?)

Friendships across oceans.  Partnerships between professionals.

What sets this community apart?

It is about sharing the stories from this unique Military Spouse Lifestyle.
It is about fostering connections between families – both Military and Civilian.
It is about supporting these families who have a family member defending our freedom.

“With just one percent of our population—our troops—doing 100 percent of the fighting our military families are being tested like never before…” – Michelle Obama during an address to the National Military Family Association’s summit (read the full article here).

How do I become a part of this community?

First - I ask that you post one of these buttons on your Main page sidebar or footer.
(Non-scrolling please.) They link directly to this Military Spouse Blogging Community page..

Second - Please leave a comment at the end of this post with “your name @ the Title of your Blog” and the URL of your blog with a brief description including what service branch you wish to be listed by.


MilitarySpouseButton SupportMilSpouseButton

If you are not a Military Spouse Blogger, feel free to leave a comment on this post with “your name @ the Title of your Blog” and the URL of your blog with some words of support and encouragement for military families.  You are more than welcome to leave a brief description of your content so we can visit your lovely blog too!

***Also, I ask that as you surf these links, if you discover a blog that no longer displays a community button, please politely encourage them to post it again through a comment or personal email.  It’s only fair to promote and link back to the community that promotes the blog.

There will be two ways to navigate this community

1- Military Spouse Blogs will be listed below by branch and alphabetically by title
(*this will be updated by me as often as possible*)

2- Military Spouse Blogs (and those who support them!) will also be listed in the comments
with their Title and a short description of content (3 or 4 sentences)

That’s it!  So, without further ado:

Welcome to the Military Spouse Blogging Community!
Please share this community resource with your readers by blogging about it, sharing via facebook
and twitter, or perhaps joining some of the Military Life conversations in the
Household6Diva Blog Frog Community – I would love to hear your thoughts!
I invite you to surf the links to lend your support, share some encouragement,
expand your virtual community, and build some wonderful new friendships!


Gold Star Families
Sharing their lives after the loss of their service member
Letters to You
Won’t You Ride on With Me? 


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All About Growing up and Becoming a Famous Author
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Armendinger Party of 4
Believe – Always and Forever
Blog 4 Mom – Blog of Shellie Ross
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Daddy’s Duty
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Fearfully Wonderfully
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He Wears Combat Boots, I Wear Stilettos
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Home is where they send us
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In The Gutter
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jesstagirl and her officer
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Just a Geek Named Jess
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Lamp Unto My Feet
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Life of a Military Wife
Life on Planet Caddick
Life on the Last Frontier
Life With The Two…
Little Things
Live, Laugh, Love… Our Way
Live, Life, Love & Blog
Love Never Fails
Love, The Leflett family
Loving Life as an Air Force Wife
Married Life
Married My Airman
Married to the Job
Middle-aged Mama
Midget Momma
Military Wife. Crazy Mom. Wicked Step Mother
Mommy Wings
Mommy x3 Monsters
Moms Sharpening Moms
Moore to Love
Mrs. S’s Life as an AF Wife
My Crazy Camo World
My Life as an Air Force Wife
My Life as an Air Force Wife
My Life as his (Air Force) Wife!
My Mommy Wears Combat Boots
Newly Mrs. Cravinho
Nutrition, Food, Travel and More
Oh, How Delightful!
One Day at a Time
One Step at a Time
One Step Journeys
Oops… I {Art}ed
Ordinary Life of a Military Wife
Our Military Adventure
Our Military Journey
Pattie the Chaplain’s Wife
Peas & Carrots
Preppy Girl Meets World
Rambling Military Wife
Ramblings of a Ferrell
Reflections from a Christian Mommy Writer
Reviewing My World
Roving Rose
Sarah Byrum
Satori Imaging
Sealing Our Love With a Kiss
Simply Misha
Singing Through the Rain
Skinned Knees
Skipper Clan
Sometimes Life is Messy



4 Nuts in a Nutshell
A Blog a Day While You’re Away
A Chick’s Captivation
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A Wonderful Life
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Adventures of a Lifetime
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Alwine Adventures
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An Army Wife’s Adventure to Alaska
And the Army goes rolling along
All in the Life of a Soldier’s Bride
Always Moving Forward
Amanda + Don
An Army State of Mind
And The Wolfepack Goes Rolling Along
And we live as lions
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Army Blogger Wife
Army Harmony
Army Housewifery
Army Life Adventures
Army Life w/ 3 Kids
Army of Two
Army Sweetheart
Army Tanker’s Wife
Army Wife
Army Wife, Army Mom, Army Strong
Army Wife Living
Army Wife Style
Ashley Amazing
Attempting Aloha
Aunt Jen the Army Wife
Battle Strong
Baylock and Company
Bean Dip and Baby G
Becoming a Strong Woman of God
Being a Better Wife
Bellies and Babies
Bionic Woman In Training
Blog Shmog!
Blonde Glambition
Brown… Party of Five
Bumble Thrift
Cabin Fever
California Girl to Army Wife
Cause I don’t know how it gets any better!
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Click Clack Mom
Combat Boots & Diamond Rings
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Cows and Combat Boots
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Cupcakes and Combat Boots
Daily Dwelling
Dear Deployment
Destination: RN
Diapers & Koolaid
Diapers, Dolls, and Dogtags
Dogs, Dogtags, & Stilettos
Dog tags and Diamonds
Domicilary Artillery
Eat, Pray, Love… LIVE!
Endeavors of a Soldier’s Wife
Explosive Love
Faith, Hope, & Dreams
Faith, Hope, & Love
FallonElla’s Almost Fairytale
Financially Fit Mommy
Finding Joy in our Journey
Forget the Dog Not The Baby!
Guinn and Bare It
Green Enough for Me
Happily Household 6
Happy Life as an Army Wife
Head over Heels into Dog Handling
Hellcat Betty
Her Hero & His Mrs
Here Comes the Sun
Hiccups In Time
Home is Where God Sends You
Home is where the Army sends us
Hoohah Army Wife
I & J
I Could Be Fake
I Heart Change
I’m Sorry, I’m Wrong, You are Right, Please Forgive Me, I love you… Repeat
In Every Good Love Letter
In the Military and on the Move
It was Fate
It’s a Hooah Life
It’s Twinsanity
Jack -n- the Beans Dog
Julie the Army Wife
Just 4 Crows
jesstagirl and her officer
Journey to the center of me
Just a Girl who loves an MP
L to the third
Learning As We Go
Life… as we live it
Life as Born’s Wife
Life as His Wife
Life atop Apple Tree Hill
Life Lessons of a Military Wife
Life of an Army Wife
Life’s a dance you learn as your go
Lindsay Writing
Livin’ On A Prayer
Livin Our Love Song
Living for Today Dreaming about Tomorrow
Living Life as an Army Wife
Living the Life of an Infantryman’s Wife
Lovin Ma Soldier
Made in His Image
Making it work
Magnolias and Mimosas
Mommy Adventures in Army Land
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Mary the 1st I am, I am
McDancing Through Life
McNair Life
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Megan Writes
Michelle the Rib
Military Housewife?!?
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Modern Day Superwoman
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Mommy PR
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Monkeys and Tutus
Mothering Off the Cuff
Mr and Mrs Boots
Mr and Mrs Wells
Mrs Gu
Mrs Mama Hen
My Army Love Life
My Camo Colored Life
My Camo Kids
My Crazy Life as and Army Wife
My Gifts, Among Other Things
My Heart for Home
My Hero is You
My life… as I see it (Retired)
My search within
My thoughts exactly! Hooah!
Navigating Army Life
Not Just an Army Wife
Observations of a Token Yankee
One Lucky Monkey
One Mommy, Two Monsters
One Of These Days…
One Step at a Time
Our Airborne Army Life
Our Army Family
Our Army Life
Our Crazy Life
Our demented Fairytale
Our Dual Army Marriage
Our Everyday Love
Our Family of “Quiet Professionals”
Our Life as an Army Family… HOOAH
Our Life Journey
Our Little Slice of Army Life
Our So Called Army Life
Out of My Mind
Outside the Lines
Painting My Canvas
Pennies and Blessings
Pennies from Heaven
Personalized Sketches and Sentiments
Petals of Zuzu
PFT… A New Army Wife
Proud Liberal Army Wife
PTSD: A Caregiver’s Perspective
Queen of My Castle
Queen of Our Castle
Random Rants of an Army Wife
Rank and File Wifey
Real Relevant and Relational
Red, Green, Lellow
Right Here, Right Now!
Robins Life as an Army Wife
Sara and Her Soldier
Sarah Ruth Today
Sergeant Major Mom
Scatterbrained Wife of a Soldier
Simply The Life Of Me
So, you’re not going to believe this
Sovereignly Sustaining Sanity
Stepping Into the Story
Stetsons, Spurs, and Stilettos
Stirring Up Dust
Storm Stories
Surviving the Distance
Sweeter Than Honey
Take a walk with me
Tales of a Brand New (Surprised) Army Wife
Tales of a Future Soldier and Infantry Wife
Tales of an ARMY wife
Tara’s Ramblings
The Albrecht Squad
The Arthur Family
The Bargain Whore
The Forever Neighbor
The Glamorous Life of an Army Wife
The Halloween Wife
The Happy Life Blog
The Harmonious Crow
The House of Reeves
The Infertility Overachievers
The Liberato Lifestyle
The Life of a Wife and Mom
The Meat and Potatoes of Life
The (Mis)Adventures of an Army Wife
The Mottos
The Multiple Sclerosis Quilt Project
The Optimistic Army Wife
The Peacocks Tale of Red White and Blue
The Queen of Brussels Sprouts
The Quill
The Ramblings of a Sassy Soccer Mom
The Road Through Life – Army Love Style
The Sometimes Single Mom
The Thoughts of HouseHold Six
The Unexpected Army Life
The Whole Shebang
The Year After
These Talking Walls
This American Wife
This Is All My Own
This isn’t happening…
Thoughts of an Army Wife
Thrifty and Fabuless
Thrifty Military Mommy
Trading Diamonds for Dog Tags
Trail Mix Dish with this Household Six
Troop Petrie
Turn for the Nurse
Typical Angela
Vintage Victories
Wade’s World
Wandering Quail Road
Web Dev_Army Wife
Welcome to Our Chaos
Where He Is, Is Home To Me…
Whimsical Mom
Wildflower Thinking
Witty Onsie
Word From The White’s
Yeah honestly
Yellow Pencil Stub
Yellow Ribbon Diary
You + Me = Wiiii 


Deployment (again)
Deployment Woes
Diapers, Dogs, and Deployments
Diary of a Devil Dog Wife
Diary of a Semper Fi Wife
Does this Baby make me look Fat?
Empty Nest, PCS and All the Rest
Flip Flops and Combat Boots
Flyin Through Life
His Love & Her Love
I was Issued
I’ll be seeing you
In Love With A Grunt
It’s All The Little Things
It’s an OohRah Kinda Life
It’s Kerry’s World
It’s that kinda love
Just a little color in his world of Camo
Just another day in paradise
Just your average sane psycho Supergoddess
Keeping up
Learn to Love, Love to Learn
Life Along The Way
Life is Better Blonde
Life with me and and the USMC
Life with One of the Few Good Men
Life with the Lynches
Like Sunshine After Rain
Lipstick and Leathernecks
Living on a Prayer
Living the Camo Way
Love From Hawaii
Loving My Life as a Marine Wife
“M” Family Chronicles
Maine-ly T
Marine Corps Dog Tags and a Southern Girls Pearls
Marine Corps Nomads
Marine Wife Unplugged
Mommy and Alexa
More Than Military
Mrs. Marine and the Tiny Troops
Mrs. Nix’s Black Passport
My Life as an O3 Wife
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My Wife Life
Newlywed and Deployed
No BS Nutrition and Fitness
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SAHM and Marine Wife
Semper Fi Kind of Love
Shades of Violet
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Small Wonders
Soaking Up Life and Love
Sounds Like Life
Standing By Him
Sweet Tea and Sour Apples
The Brownings
The Few, the Proud, the Wife
The Frugal Military Wife
The GD Kitchen
The Gunny’s Wife
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The Resor’s and a Mistress called the Marine Corps
The Rose Garden
The Sweet Life of Semper Fi
Trying Our Best
Under the Sun with a lil Bit of Rain
Wing Wife 

A Bee and His Honey
A Change of Pace
A Corpsman’s Cutie
A Freckled Life
A Hapa Girl and her Hapa Family
A little of this, A little of that
A Monkey in the Navy
A Navy Princess and her little sailors
A Sailors Mistress
A Sailor’s Wife and Life
A Submarine Family
And You Never Did Think
Another Deployment Mistress
As it were or even if it weren’t
Been there done that Mom
Bit of Blue Sky
Blessed Jewels
Butterflies and Breezes
Casa de Rum
Churchy and Her Sailor
Confessions of a Sailor’s Wife
Creative Disaster
Currently on land
Dear Deployment, We hate you
Deployment Diatribes
Diamonds & Dogtags
Diary of a Navy Wife
Dogtags and Pearls
Eights on the Move
Fearlessly Infertile
Fish and Chips
From Army Brat to Navy Wife
Full House
Gentle Revolution Homeschooling
Have a Great Navy Day!
Him, Me and the Navy
His Redneck Navy Wife
Hooyah from the Homefront
I heart my Sailor
I mean really… REALLY?
I’ll Be Your Water
I’m not sure what I want to be
It is what it is
It’s all just a rollercoaster ride
It’s Beautiful being Me
Jessica’s Joys
Just Another MilSpouse Surviving Deployment
Kelly’s Wonderland
Learn as you go
Life and Times of a Displaced Jersey Girl
Life as a Navy Wife and Everything Else
Life as a Sailor’s Girl
Life as I see it
Life as Mrs JPT
lil LIZ bits
Many Waters
Married to the Navy
Misadventures of an Alternative Navy Spouse
My Adventure
My Clan
My Life as a Crafty Boatswains Mate’s Wife
My Life as a Navy Wife
My Normal Life as a Navy Wife
Navy Doll
On Living Overseas
On the Move
One Guy in a house of Girls
Our Dolce Vita
Our Fabulously Crazy Life
Our Imperfect Life
Peach Bellini Bride
Photos. Toddlers. & My Sailor
Preparing To Surface
Raising Roscoe
Real Talk From a Sailor’s Lady
Reflections of a Navy Wife
Sailor Wifey
Say What
See you about the decks
Southern Domestic Goddess
Steps of Faith
Surviving This Deployment
Tales From a Sailor’s Soul Mate
Teerlink Family
Thank Goodness It’s Molly
The Awbrey Family
The C.W.
The Dill-io
The Frugal Navy Wife
The Hyphenation Diaries
The Life of A Navy Wife
The Patriotic Baker
The Squid’s Accomplice
The Story of Us
The Thrifty Military Wife
The Whyte House
The Williams Family
The Wonderful Wise Adventures
The Young Navy Wife
The Young Retiree
Thrifty, Nifty, and Wise
Through the Eyes of a Navy Wife
To the Nth
Unethical Bay
Until You Come Home
What Were We Thinking?
What’s left?
When Good People Get Together
Wife of a Sailor
Wife with Books 


Just a little different… and why!
A Frugal Military Family (Co-Authored by Spouses from all branches)
A Military Wife’s Mayhem (Canadian Army Wife)
Adopting our Thai baby & my life as an Army Wife (Australian Army Spouse)
A Modern Military Mother’s Blog (UK Royal Air Force Spouse)
Canadian Rhapsody (Canadian Army Wife)
Devotions For The Deployed Heart (Devotions for all Military Spouses)
I Don’t Take Orders (Co-Authored by AF and Marine Spouses)
Jennie Pie (Army Spouse resources for Korea)
Made-Up In America (Co-Authored by Army Spouses )
Military Duty Stations (Army Spouse collecting info about all installations)
Military Wives Savings (Army Spouse sharing deals for everyone)
Mulher de Legionario (French Foreign Legion Spouse)
Our Letters to you, Military Avenue (Co-Authored by NG Spouse and AF Spouse)
Strong Spouses… Army Strong (Co-Authored by 5 Army Spouses)
This Is My Blog (Canadian Army Spouse)
Wife on the Roller Coaster (Anonymous United States Military Spouse) 

562 Responses to “Military Spouse Blogging Community”

  1. Shante Says:

    Hey. Im Shante and have been an Air Force wife for about 2 years now. stationed at Macdill in Tampa.

  2. Olivia @ OliviaBlueMusic Says:

    I’d love to get my website added to your list! I’m an Army wife/ singer/ songwriter currently stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii…. I also added your badge to my page & I’m hoping that it works…. Thanks a ton! :) – Olivia

  3. Olivia @ OliviaBlueMusic Says:

    Got it! The links are broken… No problem…. Good luck with your re-do! :) – Olivia

  4. Erika @ Clutterhome Says:

    Hello! I’m a Navy spouse living overseas. I just love checking out the other sites listed here. Thanks for hosting! <3

  5. The Faithful Wife Says:

    I am an Air Force Wife going through our first deployment. I’d love to be a part of this community. I tried posting the icon in my blog panel but for some reason it isn’t working. I’ll try to repost it soon!

  6. Angela Says:

    I hope all is well! I have tried this several months ago, but have had no response back, not sure if I got shuffled into the many other wonderful bloggers out there, but thought that I should try again!
    My name is Angela, I have been married into the Air Force for 17 years now. We have 3 children under the ages of 6. I blog about everything… Military life, deployment sturggles (my husband has been on 14), great deals I find, and our wonderful Military discount bargains, let’s not forget good ole everyday ups and downs of just NORMAL Life!
    My name is Angela, and I write on…Not Issued Just A Military Mom
    I have had your button on my page for several months now, and would like very much to be added to your community!

  7. Andi Says:

    Please add my tumblr blog with your list of blogs.

    thank you!

  8. Shanon Says:

    The blog is called “Pregnancy 101 for the Military Spouse” and I hope it to be a huge community!!

    Support, encouragement, and sisterhood during this crazy beautiful pregnant adventure!
    You are a military spouse and you are pregnant. Here you can find others going through the same trial! You are not alone! Whether your spouse is home throughout your pregnancy and birth, deployed, or home part time this page is for you! :)

    Please share any information you feel is relevant on the wall! Support links, information, events, ideas…. anything that has anything to do with being a pregnant military spouse!

    Submit your story!

    I’m not sure which branch to list it under. I am a Navy Wife but I hope this blog to be full of support from all branches!

  9. Bailey Says:

    My blog is called “Love and Stuff” and it was originally made to keep in touch with family back at home, but I actually would like some followers as well! This blog is basically documenting my life in Germany with my husband.

  10. Bailey Says:

    My blog is called “Love and Stuff” and documents my life in Germany with my husband. Originally it is made for my family and friends to read at home, but I think I want some actual followers now! Check it out! :)
    Bailey recently posted..AustriaMy Profile

  11. Bailey Says:

    i can’t get the button to show up! wordpress move?
    Bailey recently posted..AustriaMy Profile

  12. Courtney @ ALittleBitWiggy Says:

    I’m an Air Force wife trudging through deployment #2. My blog (what there is of it) is just a venue to vent about life and the AF.

  13. Ashwini Says:

    Hi, I am an army wife of an Indian Army Officer. You have a great website! My blog is about my poems and some thoughts of my own. Do vist some time! My best wishes to all!
    Ashwini recently posted..The Road I TookMy Profile

  14. Alisha Says:

    Hello, I am an Army Officer’s Wife…a very proud HH6. My blog is about my life with my Soldier and my creative side. My husband is very supportive of my hobbies as I am with his. Stop by when you have a moment. :-)
    Alisha recently posted..Happy Canada Day!!My Profile

  15. Sadie Says:

    I would love to add your button to my blog “High Schools and High Chairs”, but am having trouble. I have been an Army Wife for 17 years and grew up as an Army brat. Now my husband and I are raising our own crew of Army brats…6 kids ages 14 down to 2 months. Thanks for providing this platform for us to join and share our blogs!

  16. Sadie Says:

    I did not specify the trouble I am having…I copy and paste the code, but it does not show up as the button, rather just as text. PLEASE help!
    Sadie recently posted..FacebookMy Profile

  17. Jessica Says:

    Hi, I was the owner of Our Everyday Love, but we have moved our blog to and it is now titled Our Storybook Ending! We’d love to get it changed on the list!!

  18. Marelize@notwithoutmymom Says:

    I’m an Air Force wife and a food lover. is a food blog where I share recipes and tips on cooking, baking, really anything to help people foster a healthy love for healthy food.
    Marelize@notwithoutmymom recently posted..Indulge Friday- Mocha Dulce de Leche BrowniesMy Profile

  19. Marelize@notwithoutmymom Says:

    I’m an Air Force wife and a food lover. is a food blog where I share recipes and tips on cooking, baking, really anything to help people foster a healthy love for healthy food.
    Marelize@notwithoutmymom recently posted..Indulge Friday- Mocha Dulce de Leche BrowniesMy Profile

  20. Maria Says:

    Hello my name is Maria I’m an Air Force spouse blogging about my life and family in NC. I love your blog and hope you visit mine at

  21. Kanya Says:

    I’m Kanya! Air Force bride…

    “BeJellyfish” is my blog :-)

  22. alyssa Says:

    A blog follow the life of me, my Army husband and our baby boy.

  23. Corie Says:

    Hi, I’m currently engaged to soldier who is in Afghanistan. We are getting next summer and he’s is in the Army. My blog is just a personal blog/rambling about my life :)
    Corie recently posted..Welcome :) My Profile

  24. Holly Says:

    Would love to have that button on my blog, but it only shows up as text :( Anyway, I would love for my blog to be added to your list. I am an Army wife and I blog about our real everyday life!

  25. Maria Says: is my blog follow my life and adventures as an Air Force spouse.
    Maria recently posted..GraduationMy Profile

  26. Madeline Says:

    I am an Army wife. My blog is my blog full of fitness, crafts, surviving military life, and yummy food :)

  27. Audra Says:

    I am an inactive National Guard member and Air Force wife, stationed in Germany. (Inactive because we live in Germany!) My blog is Extraordinary Stories. It’s a little of this, a little of that.
    Audra recently posted..Ciao, Y’allMy Profile

  28. Amanda Says:

    We are an Air Force family currently stationed at Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal. My blog, Life in Lajes, is our story of life “in the pond”.

  29. K,Myers Says:

    Hi I am new to the blogging scene with my new blog at Government Issued Wifey . You can find it at My blog is where I am blogging about my life as an Army wife, mother, full time student and amateur photographer which is done as a hobby.

  30. Kacey Says:

    I am an Army spouse currently stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia.

  31. Tif Says:

    Hi, I’m Tif! I’m an Army spouse of 14 years and was an Army Nurse myself! Here is my blog:

    It’s a mommy, army life and crafting blog/

    I’m adding your button to my site! It’s great to connect!
    Tif recently posted..First LessonMy Profile

  32. Sara McNaghten Says:

    My Blog is titled “Lone Star State”
    I write mostly about my day to day life as a mother or two and spouce to a soldier!

    I am trying to get better and more involved in blogging!

  33. Melissa A Says:

    Melissa @ – Air Force wife and happy new mama – I tried to post the Military Spouse Blogger button, but I’m getting a warning that the URL contains illegal characters – help?!

  34. Terrence Thomas Says:

    I am not a blogger nor am I spouse. I am more like a scavenger. We really do, however, need your feedback. We just launched a site that is a pretty comprehensive list of military and veteran discounts. We want to add more to it, of course. Feel free to examine, cross examine and inspect and provide us feedback as well. If it meets your liking, can you let more folks know about it for us? Thanks so much.

    Terrence Thomas

  35. Ashley Says:

    Hey! My name is Ashley! I am a proud Army wife as well as a deployment survivor and cancer survivor. I blog about everything thing. I would love to be added to the list
    Ashley recently posted..200th Post!!!My Profile

  36. Tif Says:

    I’ve tried adding the button to my blog but it’s not working :( . I tried putting in a partial code and it won’t work as well. Is it ok for me to save the graphic onto my own computer? I’m wondering if uploading it and then linking it back to your site might be easier. I blog via typepad…

  37. Lori Says:

    I’m a Navy wife and I’d love to be added to your list. I’ve been blogging on my life in Japan since we moved here in 2006. I’ve recently redesigned and am not sure what direction it’s going. :) The name is Love, Life and Japan.

  38. Maryann Says:

    I’m a navy wife currently in San Diego until Sept when we’ll be moving to WA for the next duty station on the Nimtz. I would love to be added to you list. Thank you!
    Maryann recently posted..San Diego Botanic GardenMy Profile

  39. Jamu Says:

    Hello :)

    My name is Jami and I am the author of the Betty Project: Walking the Line Between Betty Page and Betty Crocker, a blog that focuses on money saving tips, sanity saving tutorials, and much much more!

    We are an Air Force family with 2 kids ( 4 if you include the furry variety and wow about 12 if you include the fishy variety LOL) currently living in Okinawa, Japan.

    I love the idea of connecting military spouse blogs and would love to be added to your list!

    Jamu recently posted..How to “fake” Your Own PolaroidMy Profile

  40. Sarah B Says:

    Sarah @ Fraeulein Sarah and her Schatzies

    I would love to be added to the list too!
    I’m an Army Wive currently stationed in Germany. I am German myself and we will be heading to ft hood soon!

  41. jenelle hatzung Says:

    Jenelle @bellarellajen and

    I am a Navy wife stationed at Point Mugu, CA. We will be PCSing at the end of the year, not sure where yet! :)
    jenelle hatzung recently posted..inspiration workshop {sunshine}My Profile

  42. Jennifer Says:

    My blog is about my life and my shop and the Navy Wife life. I have been married to my husband for 7 years and he is in the Navy

    (I am not able to get either of the links to work)

  43. Irina Says:

    I just got married July 5th, and will be moving to Anchorage, AK to live with my husband whose in the army there…will be going through his deployment starting Dec. :( need all the support i can get!!!
    I’ll try the banners too, see if they’ll work on my web :D
    Irina recently posted..Life or Something Like It ;) My Profile

    • Dana Lester Says:

      I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it wouldn’t let me. I’m moving to Alaska too, at the end of September. :) Hoping to get in contact with you somehow. :) Check out my blog if you get the chance.

  44. Frances Turner Says:

    Hi! I am a Army Wife and recently started blogging about “The Junction of Life”. What we can learn from everyday moments. Please add me to your Army wife listing. Thanks so much!


    Frances Banther-Turner
    Frances Turner recently posted..Patience in the JunctionMy Profile

  45. RMC Says:

    I would love to be added to the list. I am an army wife. Been married to my husband for almost 13 years. He has been in for 17. My blog is just my life and thoughts.
    Oh I tried to add your button to my blog but it isn’t working. If I could get some help with that it will be added asap.

  46. heather Says:

    hi i would love to join your blogging community i am heather an army spouse and my blog the army wife daily @
    heather recently posted..What it means to love a soldierMy Profile

  47. Amber H. Says:

    My blog contain favorite recipes, projects and some military/life blabber.

  48. Dana Lester Says:

    Hello there!
    I’m a (somewhat) new Army Wife, and mom to two spoiled rotten Fur-babies. My blog is about the trials of Army Wife life, deployments, PCS orders, mastering the skill of photography and perfecting my cooking skills.

    I would love it if you could add me to your page! I’m always looking to make new friends and get new followers!

    My blog name is: Everyday Life as an Army Wife

    I added your button too!

  49. Kim T. Says:

    Hi I am new to blogging. I’d love to be added to your list!

    Thanks so much!

  50. Lacey Says:

    Lacey @

    Living the life of stay at home mom and housewife while suffering from severe ADHD and a case of the “housework sucksies”.

    Air Force

    Added the little tag Im supposed to!

  51. Joan Says:


    Living the military life with a type 1 diabetic preschooler and an infant!

    Branch- Navy

  52. danielle Says:

    Hi! I’m Danielle. You can find my “Thoughts about everything in between” at My husband is in the Coast Guard. It’s not a strictly CG-spouse blog, but military life definitely does come up from time to time, along with wifely things, motherly things, and, well, everything else in between. Haha, too cheesey? Yeah. I thought so.

    Oh, I’m having a bit of trouble getting the button to load. I’m working on it. Right now it’s still a little question mark, not an actual linky-thing. Any help would be appreciated though!

  53. Erin Says:

    Hi! I’m Erin and I literally just started my blog today. I’ve read your blog as well as many others and finally decided I would try my hand at my own. My blog site is My husband is Active Duty Army. So far, the plan is for my blog to just be about my thoughts, opinions, whatever comes to mind and my passion for military support. It literally only has my very first post so far.

    Like many of the people commenting before me, I’m having problems adding your button to my site. I tried it as a gadget, widget and as html but blogger doesn’t seem to like it. Please let me know what I’m doing incorrectly.

    Thank you!

  54. Christine Says:

    The Adventures of Christine and Luci

    Dual Military couple trying to survive being far away from each other…this blog is hopefully a way that I can cope with the changes the Military brings.

    Having a hard time putting up the button :( i’m gonna keep trying

  55. Heather Says:
    I am a Navy Wife with three little ones, about to PCS so blogging about that. the trials and tribulations that come with having three children with semi major health issues, and a deployed husband.

  56. Heather Says:

    I am also having issues adding your logo!

  57. Rachel Says:

    I just started blogging and look forward to following your site! I have a webpage already and may go ahead and build a blogspot page as well. I will add your widget to my site!

  58. Dovie West Says:

    hello, I’m Dovie and married to my sailor for 5 years now! We have 2 boys (5 and 2) and im looking forward to reading some of the blogs posted here! I started blogging as a way to distract myself betweendeployments, and 101 posts later, its a major part of my free time! I blog mainly about hair, make-up and whatever else happens to pop into my head! Feel free to stop on by!

  59. becca Says:

    becca @ bloggin’ scogin

  60. Emma Says:

    I’m Emma and my blog is My husband is in the Air Force and I’m new to this and am enjoying reading and learning from others blogs.

  61. Jennifer Says:

    I am another new blogger that would love to be linked on this site. I am trying to add your widget and am hoping the problems with the site will end shortly!!


  62. Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons Says:

    Hi!!! I’m Jenn and I blog over at Peas and Crayons! My blog is which is a food blog with an artsy twist! I’m a United States Marine Corps wife living in North Carolina!

    Thanks for adding me to the list!


  63. Tessa Says:

    Ciao! My name is Tessa & I’ve been married to my SSgt Air Force husband for 7 months now. We’re living (and loving it) in Aviano, Italy until January 2015 – our first base together! I look forward to reading other milspouse’s blogs and having a few more followers on mine. :)

    PS. I’ve tried to post the button on my blog but the html doesn’t work no matter how I try it!

  64. Army Wife Says:

    My blog is located at and I would like to be included here, under ARMY

    I have included your link on my sidebar. However, the image does not display. Just the words “SupportMilSpouseBlogs” and it will link over here.

    My blog was started before my husband began Basic Training and I plan to detail our journey from that day forward, including personal experiences and informative material for others.


  65. Suzanne Evans Says:

    Hi! My name is Suzanne Evans and my blog is located at I would love to be included in the military spouse blog list within the Air Force category.

    The name of my blog is: All Because Two People Fell In Love

    I have included your link and image within my right sidebar.

    My blog is a journey of our families lives. It explains our family which developed “All Because Two People Fell in Love.” I’m a proud Air Force wife and mother of two beautiful children.

  66. Amy* Says:

    I just stumbled upon this, and I’m so glad that I did! My husband just started his first deployment, and I’m looking to connect with and learn from other military spouses.

    My blog is Army Amy. You can find it at I chronicle the ups and downs of figuring out Army life!*

  67. Kim T. Says:

    Hi, I’m a Marine Wife! My blog is all over the place lol.

    Kim @ Camisoles and Cammies

    (I added the button but I’m not sure the code is working for me)

  68. Christina A Says:

    Hi, I’m Christina @ Simply Christina. I’d like to be added to the National Guard list.

    My blog is just randomness.

  69. Kari Says:

    Currently a Marine Wife Stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. I am a stay at home mom to a 7 month old girl. I am enjoying staying home with my little girl but am looking forward to getting back to what I know – Health and Fitness. Therefore I started this blog!

  70. Brianna Montanez Says:

    I am a wife of an army soldier living in Hawaii on Schofield Barracks. is my blog, it’s kinda just my ramblings as our life in the army, where we are stationed, and family!

  71. Patricia Says:

    AF Spouse blogger. I joined your site a few months ago & noticed that my site is not linked up. I should be under AF as Lemondrops Dream Too ;o/ We are stationed in WI as civilians!! My hubby has a special duty so there is no base for miles! I didn’t think I would miss the BX and the close knit community so much, but I do. I miss my old base and of the people in it, a LOT! Anywhoo… my blog is really random, with a little bit of REVIEWS and a little bit of GIVEAWAYS and a little bit of whatever is going on in our Wisconsin lives.

    I even got a little blog crazy lately and started a Santa Giveaway Hop starting Cyber Monday! Check it out if you get a chance ;o)

    - Patricia @ Lemondrops Dream Too

    • aWickedRose Says:

      I’ve had a similar experience. I’ve had the button on my site for close to a year now and still no link. I’m a Navy brat turned into a spouse, a stepmom, and a student. I also deal with depression and anxiety and I think it’s important to share that with the milspouse community. My blog touches on lots of various different things.

      AWR @ Steppin’ Off the Pier
      aWickedRose recently posted..MTC: FearMy Profile

  72. Taylor Says:

    Hello, I am Taylor@ourmilitaryfamily.

    The URL is

    This website is dedicated to policy, do-it-yourself, pets in the military, and money saving tips.

    I appreciate this site!

  73. Taylor Says:

    This is Taylor again, sorry I forgot to post I am a Navy spouse.

  74. Elaine Says:

    Hi, I’m Elaine @ mommybabble and I’d like my blog to be listed in the Air Force category. I’m an Air Force spouse, and my blog is primarily a parenthood blog but also talks about our everyday which will undoubtedly include military family life!

  75. Margo Says:

    I just began my cyber-journaling and I look forward to learning from each of your stories as a military spouse.

  76. Margo Says:

    Forgot to include in my first reply….Air Force and blog stands for “Sisterhood of the Traveling Military Pants” (way too long for a website, but I liked it).

  77. Note-able Scraps Says:

    “Debra @ Note-able Scraps,” We are Navy. My husband is a Navy Chaplain so we also serve with the Marines. I blog about military life, homeschooling, and scrapbooking. I would also like to enter my other website, “Amazing By Design,”, which is dedicated to the new book I am having published. I have tried to display your button on my site, but the code is not working for me.

  78. Nara Says:

    Hi, Lovely Ladies (and Men, but I’ve only noticed women so far) –

    I’m actually not a blogger, but a filmmaker finishing up a feature documentary about military families and the impact of deployment. We hope that this film will help give civilian audiences a window in the military spouse/family experience and that through regional outreach screenings accompanied by question and answer sessions with members from the local community we’ll be able to do our little part to raise awareness and generate support for all you do. If you’re interested, please visit our website and sign up for our mailing list at and “like” us on facebook at We look forward to meeting many of you in person in the future!

  79. Lydia Says:

    Hi! I’m lydia from I am a young wife of an active duty US soldier trying to survive everyday life while being stationed in Alaska. Supporting my husband with his job and his battle with cancer. This is my blog about everyday life; the good, bad and crazy.

  80. Alysa Says:

    Hi ladies I am a army wife of 5 years :) I blog very often and would love to meet new bloggers that share an interest with the same lifestyle :) follow me and ill follow you :)

  81. Stacey Says:

    Hi everyone! I’m a Marine wife of only 3 months! Everything is so new to me, and my husband still. I just created my blog ( ) today!! I can figure out for the life of me how to get the “Military Spouse Blogger” button to work on my wall. But my blog will be about my new life!

  82. Kelli M Says:

    Hi! I’m Kelli and a proud Army wife! We are about to PCS to Fort Campbell and I can’t wait!
    I am new to the blogging world but having fun so far :)
    Also, like many have stated, I too could not get the button to work.

  83. Lauren LaBove Says:

    Hi, I am Lauren. Military wife. Mother of two. My blog, is about life and family. Navigating through this life as a military family. :)

  84. Amanda Hlavacek Says:

    I put my name on here a few months ago and added the button to my site, but I dont see myself listed :(

    Marine Corps

    Thanks :)

  85. Kara Says:

    Kara @ Don’t Abbreviate (, U.S. Army

    My husband and I are dual active military. Updates aren’t as frequent as they used to be when I wasn’t spending all my time training and catching up on sleep, but I still try to update as often as I can!

  86. Fins Says:

    I’m Fins, and I write One Day at a Time, which is at It’s only partially about my adventures as a renegade Army wife, surviving deployment, and starting out a marriage after spending half our first year apart; it’s also about books, gaming, my experiences as a Search and Rescue Volunteer, and my attempts to be a writer.

  87. Margo Says:

    Hi, I replied last week, but have not heard back and don’t yet see my info. I have your link on my footer. I’m an Air Force spouse and my blog is It stands for “Sisterhood of the Traveling Military Pants”. Hope all is well for everyone.

  88. Tracers Coupon Affair Says:

    I would love to be added to the army list! My hubby is active army and we are currently stationed in Alaska. I run a coupon blog and love to migrate saving money and living the military life!

  89. Pam @ Living in So Called Paradise Says:

    Navy wife here! Mother of one little boy who, with my husband, is stationed on the island of Guam. My posts run the gamut of mommy stuff, cooking stuff, Guam stuff, and travel stuff, with some occasional bad humor thrown in for good measure. =)

  90. Camille Says:

    My blog, “A Nerdy Girl in an Air Force World”, is basically my personal blog. I’ve been an Air Force wife for a little over 4 years. I’ve withstood many dessert deployments as well as several training deployments all over the U.S. and Europe. :)

  91. Camille Says:

    Dessert? Seriously? I’m ridiculous. Desert***

    (Can you tell me what aisle the sand icecream is in?)

  92. Kiki Hinsch Says:

    Name: Kiesha, but Kiki is easier for some to pronounce and type

    Blog Title: Girl at War

    Description: Although I was raised an Army brat and have worked with and for the military my entire adult life, being an Army spouse is a world all its own. And that’s what this blog is about: my life and finding that balance between independence and being an Army Wife and other shenanigans.

    Affiliation: Army

  93. Erica Says:

    My blog, Life as a Landrum Wife: In Hawaii, revolves around my experiences dealing with a PCS move to Hawaii as well as the subsequent deployments of my Navy husband after (mixed in with happier things here and there of course, like cooking, going back to school, our dog, etc.)! I’d been a Navy girlfriend for 5 years, then officially “promoted” to Navy wife over a year ago, and I’d love to be a part of this community. Thanks so much! =)

  94. Connie @ "Drool and Dress Blues" Says:

    I’m a Marine Corps Wife and SAHM; it’s just the everyday ramblings that is me! Marines, Kids, Changing Plans, etc.

    Affiliation: Marines

  95. Jen Says:

    Marine Wife here, just started blogging and cannot seem to figure out how to post the icon to the site.

  96. Mela Says:

    proud mommy and navy wife!! loving all the support and new to blogging!! also currently going through my first deployment while pregnant with our 2nd child.

  97. Tasha Says:

    I am a navy wife here in kitsap county, stationed in the beautiful state of washington! I am a first time mommy and a blogger. :)

  98. Jackie Says:

    Hi – Wind Inspired is a blog about life as an Air Force Spouse, an artist, mom to 4, marathoning, Island Living (Puerto Rico,) cooking adventures, and living daily with chronic illness – all reported with a good dose of humor and reality.
    Please stop by!
    ps – love, love, love Household 6 Diva – someday you can write a book about all your awesome love notes. :o )

  99. Rachel Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Rachel and I’m a Navy wife. My blog is Getting to the Island at We’re are getting ready to PCS to Guam from San Diego and this is my way of documenting my journey. I’m hoping to find people that have experienced an overseas PCS and provide insight to those that will also be going through a similar journey. I appreciate any support, words of wisdom, and encouragement that other military spouses can share.

    Rachel ~ A Navy Wife

  100. Mandie Says:

    Hi! My name is mandie and I have been an Army wife for 1o years and a wife for 13. My blog is called True stories of an Army wife and it follows the craziness of my life as an army wife and Mommy as well as my struggles with Aspbergers (my son was diagnosed as well). I like to think it is funny and unique and would love to get some new readers =)

  101. Mandie Says:

    I can not get the button to show up in my blog :( any advice ?

  102. H. Moyer Says:

    Hi! My name is H. (no one ever pronounces my name right so this nickname has followed me everywhere). I’m a new Army wife and the title of my blog is “It is what it is!” It just follows my life as I navigate thru a deployment and raising a little one. I would love for you to include me in your list. Thanks! I have ur button on my blog!


  103. Lindsey Says:

    hey im lindsey not only new to blogging but new to military life too.. you can find me at …let me know of any great blogs to follow ect. Husband is currently deployed and would love to find other woman to relate to through this journey god has me on!!! :)

  104. Rebecca Says:

    I am Rebecca! Army wife and Deployment SURVIVOR!

  105. Alpha Mama Says:

    Please add me! I just started blogging and would love to get some feedback and support!

  106. Melissa Says:

    Melissa @ Life During His Deployment

    Army National Guard. This is our first deployment. Would love to have some support from people who understand this exactly. Thanks

  107. Alyssa @ Says:

    I am a coastie wife. My blog is It is about our life, plus it has recipes, projects, and fashion. I was having trouble adding the button onto my page. Please let me know how to do it because I would LOVE to have it. Thanks!

  108. Amy Says:

    Hey everyone! My blog is called Blue Star Kind of Life. My husband is in the Army National Guard and my brother is in the Air Force. Come

  109. Amy @ Blue Star Kind of Life Says:

    Hey everybody! My blog is called Blue Star Kind of Life. My husband is in the Army National Guard and I have a brother in the Air Force. Come follow me on my journey through our first deployment and military life! :)

  110. Lindsey Says:

    hey im lindsey not only new to blogging but new to military life too ARMY.. you can find me at …let me know of any great blogs to follow ect. Husband is currently deployed and would love to find other woman to relate to through this journey god has me on!!! plz add me to the list so others can find me who can connect ….i cant seem to get the “Military spouse blogger” pic on my page ssssoooo anyhelp there would be great!

  111. Kim T Says:

    Hi, I’ve tried a few times to get the Military Spouse Blogger button to show up on my blog but it just keeps being a blank space where I put it. Anyone else having trouble with it?

  112. Dee Johnson Says:

    Living in The Netherlands has some challenges because the military community is so very small. There are no real units; everyone works in support of the Joint Headquarters in Brunssum. There is a small “garrison” at Schinnen, which is where the tiny commissary, PX, and other Aafes facilities are located. Medical and dental support is at NATO Airbase Geilenkirchen, Germany. But it is a relaxed place to live and the children have an outstanding international school in Brunssum. So our Blog is about living in the military in The Netherlands.

  113. Brianna Says:

    I would like my blog to be added… I am new to the military spouse community, but my soon-to-be husband (6 weeks from now!) is a Lieutenant on a sub in the Navy.

  114. Shante Says:

    Air Force Spouse here. Stationed at Macdill AFB
    Hoping to get both of my blogs llisted on here

  115. Kirsten M. Says:

    Hi! Im Kirsten @ Adventures of Kirsten and Gavin. Marine Wife Blogger

  116. Emily Says:

    This is for Emily’s blog- La Dolce Vita- to be added under your Navy section of bloggers.

    We’re from Alaska and now live in Sicily. She’s married to a Navy Lieutenant, and expecting our first child. Thank you,

  117. Ashley Says:

    Hi, I’m Ashley! I am getting ready to experience my first deployment with my soldier. I made a blog to chronicle the process and post some gift and care package ideas. I’d love to be listed! It’s a very new blog (made today) but will, hopefully, be updated quite frequently over the next year. My blog is Love from Home and the link is: .


  118. Alyssa Says:

    I replied to this about a week or two ago and I noticed that my link hasn’t been added yet. Please add me! I am a Coast Guard spouse and my blog name is The Spencer Way of Life ( I have already added the button on my blog.


  119. Jen and her Marine Says:

    Second – Please leave a comment at the end of this post with “your name @ the Title of your Blog” and the URL of your blog with a brief description including what service branch you wish to be listed by.

    Hello. I am Jen from Jen and Her Marine @
    Our Website is about the Marine Corps life, Daily family life stuff, and Indianapolis.

    We are a Marine Family. Thank You for your website.

  120. yaz Says:


    I am a Air Force Wife – Active Duty.
    My blog is called In Love With My Hero. I am working on adding the button to my page.

  121. Molly Says:

    I am an Air Force wife with an (almost) one year old. I’m a stay-at-home mom supporting my husband while he is away.

    Come visit my blog This Wood House! I blog about my life in transition as we adjust to our new found military life – sometimes with Daddy and more than not NOT. Thank God my little girl keeps me busy.

  122. Elizabeth Says:

    Hi all! I’m Elizabeth and I blog over at Elizabeth’s Treasure Chest I’ve been married to my hubby for 11 years and have been a military wife for 8 of them with the Marine Corps and now the Army National Guard. I blog about life as a military wife, a cyber-schooling mom, religion and anything else that comes to mind. Feel free to check out my blog!

  123. Lauren Coburn Says:

    Hi! I am Lauren Coburn… wife of a C17 USAF pilot. We are currently stationed at Charleston AFB, SC but moving to Elmendorf AFB, AK in December. Come visit our blog at :o )

  124. Rachel Levy Says:

    Thanks for the great content on your blog! Our blog is Just Military Loans, — we blog about a variety of military and financial topics. We love anything military, and support our troops. Stop by and visit!

  125. Sam Says:

    I’m Sam, an AF Veteran and spouse of an Active Duty AF officer.

    My blog ( ) is a little about everything – the military, crafts, my son – it’s about exploring life!

    I tried to add the button (have added others no problem) but it’s not working…not sure what’s wrong.


  126. Ireland Says:

    Hello I am Ireland. My blog is Ireland Wife and the Air Force Life and it’s all about my experiences so far as an 18 year old Air Force spouse living in England

  127. Peggy Says:

    Hi! I have a blog called PCS Italy. I blog about all things related to a PCS move to Italy. I am not technically a military spouse, but my husband is retired Army. He is now a DOD civilian.

  128. Jenn Says:

    Jenn @ Hoorah! A Seabee Wife’s Life (

    My life as a Seabee’s Wife… recipes, stories, blog challenges, etc.

  129. Nancy Says:

    Hello! I’m “Call Sign Mommy” — a Marine spouse of 8 years, raising 2 little boys. Call Sig Mommy is a blog about how a former city girl manages work, kids, and the ever-exciting world of military life.

  130. Rachel Says:

    Hi! My name is Rachel, and I am the mother to two beautiful boys (5, and 3). My husband just joined the Army in Oct 2010. So I am still relatively new to Army life and I am new to blogging. He was sent on a one year unaccompaied duty station. This blog is just about my experiences since my husband joined the Army!

  131. Lyndsea Says:

    Hi. My old link on here used to be “Ramblings of an Air Force wife.” I have changed my blog to “U”nder Cover USAF Wife

    Thank you!

  132. Ricki Dale Says:

    HI!! im Ricki, @
    My husband is in the USAF. We’re new to the blogging world!

  133. Korey Says:

    Hi I’m Korey @ A Work in Progress (

    We are a new military family. My husband is Air Force. We have a newborn daughter and a couple of fur babies. I try to focus on life in the AF, recipes, and just fun upbeat stuff. We are about to PCS to our first duty station and we are going overseas, so that will be interesting. Mostly the blog keeps our family UTD but I would love for it to be a place of community where new AF spouses (or any military for that matter) could seek guidance, answers and support.

    Also, I’m not sure what I”m doing wrong, but I’m having a hard time getting the button to link back to this page. It keeps saying that the website I’m trying to seek isn’t available.

  134. Jessica Says:

    Hello, I am “The Mrs.”! I am a new military spouse/ military officer. My husband and I both Commissioned into the Army after we graduated college. I would love to be added to the Army list! I am new to the military/ blogging community. Thank you for your help, I think this project is such a wonderful idea.

  135. Jessica Says:

    Hello, I am “The Mrs.”! I am a new military spouse/ military officer. My husband and I both Commissioned into the Army after we graduated college. I would love to be added to the Army list! I am new to the military/ blogging community. Thank you for your help, I think this project is such a wonderful idea.

  136. Heather Says:

    I’m a new Marine wife and I would like to be added to the list. :) I ramble over at :)

  137. Audrey Truelove Says:

    Hey, I’m Audrey Truelove!
    I’m a Marine wife and a soon to be mommy :) We are stationed in Camp Lejeune and I have just added your button to my page and would love to be part of the community! My page name is “Our crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful life.”

  138. Alli Hegge Says:

    Can I be added to the Marine Corps wife list please? Mom of 4, and two fur babies, also enduring a 14 month deployment! Thank you so much! Semper Fi!

  139. Mandie Says:

    Hi, I requested to be added a few weeks ago to the list and have managed to get the button on my blog, I would love to be included in the Army category.

    My blog is True Stories of an Army Wife: the harrowing adventures of 1 chick trying to survive (

    It covers my Hubby’s deployment last year, our moves, basic army life and the fact my son and I have been diagnosed with aspbergers. I try to infuse it with humor and helpful tips considering I have been an army wife for 10 yrs and married for 13 (to the same guy, lol) , but I also try to keep it real and relateable for those of us out of the box military wives…..I would love to catch some more readers and follow some more of you guys :)

    Thanks a bunch for putting this list together ! You Rock!

  140. Tracy Martin Says:

    Hello what a wonderful idea. My husband was Active Air Force for 5 years and now he is Air National Guard. I’ve lived the active life and now living the guard life. The truth of the matter is in our case anyway, DH is away more with the guard then he ever was when active duty.
    I would LOVE to be added to your list!

    Life of this SAHM

  141. Dianne Says:


    My husband is a Sgt in the USMC

  142. Marg Says:

    Hi, my name is Margo and I’ve sent my request a couple of times, but still don’t see it listed. I added this page’s link to my site, both sidebar and footer. I couldn’t get the button, but link is there. The title of my blog is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Military Pants, and it’s about the interesting observations and aspects of our life traveling with the military. Please list me under Air Force.

  143. Andrea Says:

    You told me to let you know when the domain changed for my blog.
    The Harmonious Crow is now (no longer .wordpress)

    Thanks :)


  144. Allison Says:

    Hi! I would love to be added to the National Guard list (Army). I’m a relatively new military wife and a new milspouse blogger. My blog just details my journey as a military spouse. My blog “Glimpses of the Military Life” can be found at


  145. Ashley Says:

    Hi, everyone! My blog is located at, and I am the wife of an Army Ranger. I write about fashion, life, and of course, being an army wife, which is the most challenging thing that I’ve ever experienced. My husband and I got married in December, and we’ve seen each other three weeks total over that time, so I like to blog to keep myself busy, in addition to working and going to school. I would love to her from other army wives out there! Thanks to all of you for everything that you do.

  146. Kelly Smith Says:

    Hey My name is Kelly, just wanted to become a part of this wonderful little community! For some reason it is not allowing me to post the “Military Spouse Blogger” button on my page. Can anyone help me with this?

  147. Andrea Says:

    My name is Andrea and would like to be added to the Army list of blogs! I’m a new Army wife and my blog is called “Life Adventures of a New Army Wife” and is located here It’s from the point of view of a wife whose husband has just joined and is currently going through basic training, and will follow the whole process and our journey from square one.

  148. Lydia Says:

    Hello there! My name is Lydia, and I’m a Marine wife. My blog is called “The Few, The Proud, and This Marine Wife . . .” It covers my current life as a Marine wife, stay-at-home mom, and everything in-between. The link is I look forward to connecting with many other military wives! :)

  149. Julia Says:

    Hi, my blog is : and I call it “Just a Blog”

    I used to be Momma Zen a while back which is still listed under the Army wife blogs on this page. You can delete that one completely if you get a chance but it doesn’t really matter to me either way!

    Thank you so much!

  150. Ebone Says:

    Hello I would like to be added to the Active duty Army Wives. My name is Ebone @ Six in the Nutt House. My website is Thanx

  151. Enid Says:

    Hi my name is Enid and i am a Marine wife. my blogs name is ‘Stories of a dedicated marine wife” and my link is thanks!

  152. Betty Johnson Says:

    My Soldier is in The National Guard. He has just deployed. He is currently training in Texas. And he will be deploying to Afghanistan before the end of the year. My blog began when we met, and will follow his deployment and beyond. It also covers how we met, fell in love, our family, and my emotional roller coaster during deployment.

    I would love to have my blog listed here with so many others that have been where I am.

  153. Betty Johnson Says:

    Sorry about the double post. I forgot to leave the name of my blog.

    A Soldier’s Love

  154. Margo Kwasnoski Says:

    Hi, I’ve had the link to this page on my site for months, but could not get the button until recently. In case anyone else is having problems, here is how I got it. This may just apply to my blog site or theme widget, but the way I finally got it was to put the web address under the links section, but then get the “properties” (right-click on button) address and put that under the “advanced” section of the links of my site to list for pictures for links. Then the button finally appeared so all is good now.

    I am an Air Force Spouse and my blog is for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Military Pants.

  155. Amy Says:


    I’m trying to add the Military Spouse Blogger and Support Military Spouse badges on my blog but can’t figure out how to do it. Blogspot only allows adding gadgets. Anyone know how to do it? Thanks!

    • Amy Says:

      I guess I should also add that I am married to a wonderful man who has served 15 years in the Canadian Military (and still at it!). He has deployed three times (twice since we met) and came home just this past May. We’ve been married 13 months and are expecting our first child in February.

      I started blogging this year and have been having a blast with it. It’s so great to read stories from other wives and to know that other people out there know exactly what I’m going through. It’s comforting to know there are so many of us out there!

      I’d love to have my blog added to the list and to be able to put those badges on my page. :)

    • Korey Says:

      I was having a hard time adding it on my blog spot account as well, then someone suggested a brilliant idea (IMO). First save the icon as a picture. Then go to your blog and click add a gadget. Select to add a picture. Upload the picture of the icon, and then in the spot for a link add the URL to this page :) Happy Blogging!

  156. Mina Says:

    Hello, my name is Mina and i just started a blog

    it will just be about me and the daily things about being an Army wife!


    i cant seem to figure out how to post the button on my blog…? lol <— can u tell i'm new? im using blogger anybody care to share some insight?

    • robo Says:

      Hehehe I found you dummy, theres an answer above check it out

      “..but the way I finally got it was to put the web address under the links section, but then get the “properties” (right-click on button) address and put that under the “advanced” section of the links of my site to list for pictures for links. Then the button finally appeared so all is good now. “

  157. Bianca Mcneace Says:

    Hi! I’m an army wife and deal blogger! I love to find deals and bargains for everyone! My website it
    I would like to be listed under:
    Just a little different… and why! and or Army!

  158. Roselyn @ A Balanced Fit Says:

    I am a Navy Wife, and I have lost a total of 60+ pounds. I am also a fitness instructor and write about finding a balance between family, fitness, and fun. My website is and I’d like to be listed under the Navy, please! :)

  159. Amanda Says:

    I finally got the button work on my blog. Please add my blog, Life in Lajes (, back into the list. I’m an Air Force spouse living at Lajes AF base in Portugal. Thanks!!

  160. Jaimi Erickson Says:

    I am a Marine Wife, Stay-at-Home Mom, and a former teacher. I blog about how to push aside the boredom that can creep up on some moms who stay home with their children by doing developmentally appropriate activities, and share words of inspiration/thoughts that help me stay focused on what a gift it is to have children and get to stay home with them every day. Of course in this military world, there are a lot of us SAHMs, and I hope that the info I share will be useful to many whether their husbands are home or away (when you have even more time to fill with creative activities to keep yourself and your children engaged).

  161. Robin Says:

    Hello! I’d love to become part of the community. I’ll add the button on my page as soon as I leave this page! lol. My blog is (the name is Nothing But Miracles)and I pretty much just blog about life in general. I’d like to be listed under Navy please..going on 4 years of service for my hubby! =)

  162. Amy Says:

    Hello! I just added the button to my page! My page is called Running Army Wife ( and I would love to join the community and be listed under Army. I write about running and being an Army wife. Thanks so much for this!

  163. Jessica Says:

    My name is Jessica, married to an Army National Guard Soldier. We’re newlyweds and going through our first deployment. This is just my daily blah blah blah and thoughts while going through this Deployment. Looking for friends & inspiration!

    Jessica @ “Kiss Me When You Come Home”
    Branch: Army National Guard

  164. The Military Mom Says:

    Hello! I’m Kat and after quietly blogging for 6+ years decided to start a blog centered around our military life. i’ve been married to a serviceman for over 10 years now… We have 2 little girls and one awesome dog. This blog is about our life, our children, my thoughts… and getting through the day. This is a site for information regarding military life at home. Insight, ideas, offers, and support. Feel free to share the link with those you feel would benefit or enjoy. Thanks so much!

  165. Rebecca Johnson Says:

    Marine Corps Wife!! We’re almost at 8 years of Active Duty Service in the Marine Corps plus the 5 that I spent in the Air Force before getting married. Our blog is a mix (dual focus) of Marine Corps Family and us being an adoptive family.

    Our blog is


  166. Jessica Blocker Says:

    Navy family here! We are always on the go around here with 2 little boys. So join us in our adventures, and enjoy the recipes I find that we like and I can cook on the run.

    You can find our blog here Two Boys on the Run

    I am off to check out the list.

  167. Jessica Blocker Says:

    Having a terrible time getting your button to work on my blog. Is this a known issue? Is there a tip? Thanks

    • Jessica Blocker Says:

      I have worked on it for a while. I think it has some thing to do with the address of the picture. I now have blue letters that say Military Spouse BLogs, that link back to here.

  168. erika @ thisnotedlife Says:

    Hi, my name is erika and I would like to be listed under the Army service branch. I tried to put the badge on my blog but it doesn’t work :/ any pointers?

  169. Lauren Says:

    My name is Lauren. I’m a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer wife and would love to have my blog listed under your Coast Guard links (I see it needs some additions)! Visit my blog at

    Thanks so much!

  170. Carolyn Says:

    Followed a link to a link to a link and ended up here. I am a wife to a retired Army man (we married after his retirement). He loves the Army and enjoyed his 21 years in the service. We are still very pro-Army and pro-US military in general. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you to all of you lovely families who are sacrificing so much for us! love and prayers to you all!

  171. Lisa Says:

    Hi! I am not a wife…yet…;) but my boyfriend is in the Army Reserves. He just returned about 1.5 months ago from his first deployment to Afghanistan. He is an assistant chaplain in the reserves. You will find me referring to him on my site as Sgt. J. Thanks so much for hosting a page like this for bloggers!

  172. My Traveling Troop Says:

    Hello! I left a comment back in June and have had your Military Spouse Blogger button on my blog since then too. Just thought I’d leave another comment just in case you missed the last one…

    My name is Kristina Doss. I chronicle my military family’s journey moving, living and traveling around the world at My Traveling Troop, hoping it will help other military families (in each branch!) facing a similar lifestyle. I would be honored if you added me to your list of blogs under the “Just a little different” category.

    Many thanks!

  173. Sandy Says:

    Hi there!

    I am a Naval Reservist (and also a Navy wife), and started blogging about getting my family ready for my mobilization to Afghanistan. We are a blended family, with a 12 year old son (from a previous relationship with a total schmuck/Disneyland dad) and 3 year old daughter (ours). Prior to becoming a reservist, I was a single parent on active duty for 10 years.

    Anyway, since there aren’t a lot of reservists listed, I’d prefer to be listed there. As much as I like the Navy, I am *MUCH* happier being a reservist.

    BTW, I also had to make a new button to get it to work properly, but the links work just fine now.

    This is such a cool list! Can’t wait to start going through and finding some other blogs to add to the blog roll!

  174. Jenn Says:

    Hi there! I’m a Coast Guard wife, full time student working on my MA in Social Work, and trying to spend more time documenting my l life through blogging. Also looking to find other blogging wives to connect with :)

  175. Megan @HomeFrontEconomics Says:


    My name is Megan and I blog at where I write about my adventures in homemaking and life as an Army wife in Hawaii! I’d love to be placed in the Army category! Thanks so much for this fabulous resource!

  176. Lenora Says:

    Hi I am Lenora Army Wife of David, and new to the blogging community. I have a facebook group that is closed to the public. I started this group because my husband left for BCT, we are Army family now! and I was not coping well with the separation. I found that there were others like me and we began to talk on my facebook profile page. Friends and family would past some really hurtful things and tell me to stop crying all the time. They would say things like, you need to grow up. I felt I needed a place to vent and share with out that kind of hurtful words. So Army Wife Support Group was born. It grew so fast. Now that my husband is in AIT, I feel I want to help others who are new to the life of the military. So here I am, doing what I can to share what they will experience.

    I have tried to post you box to my page it it want show, can you help?

  177. kay Says:

    this is an amazing list! i’d love to be added (army)

  178. MelissaRae Says:

    I’m not a spouse, I’m a girlfriend. I hope that doesn’t disqualify me! My hero, who is also the love of my life, is a Army soldier who just recently deployed. This is our first deployment and I’m looking for support any place I can find it. I would love to be added to your community and connect with other military girlfriends/spouses to trade support and advice.

  179. TERI Says:

    Our blog is or “Faraway not Forgotten.” I began it while pregnant with our first child, overseas, during my husband’s deployment to Afghanistan.

    He is in the Army.

  180. Mrs. Y Says:

    My blog is Miles Behind Me and I am a Navy wife and I talk about the good and the bad that has happened in our life while remembering to leave the bad miles behind us.

  181. Daneilia Says:

    My name is Daneilia and my blog is Anchors Away and the blog address is
    I would like to be classified under Army.

    I am a Mil Spouse soon to be soldier, so dual military in my house. I blog about everything in life that is important to me: everything from life to Army to family to running and so on.

  182. Laura Says:

    Hi, I’m writing a blog, Legos and Jets, based on my life as an Air Force Wife and new mama. It’s a crazy life, but I love every minute of it, sometimes in retrospect, but I get there eventually. Come say hi!

  183. Lacey Says:

    Hi, I’m Lacey at Everything’s Better When We’re Together. I’m the wife of an Active Duty Marine writing about our life and the impending birth of our first child.

  184. The Mommies Made Me Do It Says:

    Hi, this is such a brilliant idea!
    I’m an AF brat, AF vet, AFJROTC mom, and AF wife, and I’d love to have my blog listed under… Air Force, ofcourse!
    I’m SugarMomma and I blog about the adventures of my son who I call The Chief @

    Thanx so much!

  185. The Mommies Made Me Do It Says:

    Hey, I’m having trouble getting the Mil Spouse Blogger button into my blog. I copied the code above, then pasted it into HTML option on my blog design but it’s not showing up on my homepage. What am I doing wrong? Can you send me another code to try or post it here?

  186. Lauren Says:

    Hi, my name is Lauren. My husband is in the Army National Guard. We are currently going through our first deployment and expecting our first baby soon!! I would love to be added!

  187. Chandra Says:

    Hello. I have just started my blog, but I would love to be added to your list. My husband is in the Army National Guard. Thanks!

  188. Aadel Says:

    I would love to be included under Army! We are an unschooling Christian family!

  189. Kirsten Says:

    I’m Kirsten @ My blog is about transitioning from being in the Army to being the spouse of an Army Officer/homemaker. I’d like to be listed in the Army section. Thank you!

  190. Morhia Says:

    My Soldier and Me Plus Three –> Army I am blogging from the fourth week of enlistment into the Army and we have three children one of whom leaves to boot camp in the Airforce this summer and my husband just joined four weeks ago into the Army. Yay and Whoa! Lot’s happening and I have to say you inspire me! Morhia

  191. Kristine Says:

    Hi! I’m Kristine. I blog @ My husband is AD USMC. He just got back from his first combat deployment! Yay for not being a Boot!

  192. Aadel Says:

    For some reason I can’t get your button to show up on my blog. I have tried several times but it just shows a blank space. ?? I am putting it in a widget on my sidebar with my other buttons.

    • Laura Says:

      I’m having a problem too, mine is actually there, its teeeeeeny tiny, (i have a black background and it shows up as a white dot)

  193. Allison Says:

    I’m Allison, or the HappyWanderer, at These Are My Mountains. I’m an Army wife blogging about military life and all that entails!

    I’ve had a hard time with the button, too–it shows up just as a link, not an actual button. Sad.

  194. Marie Lester Says:

    Heyyy I’m Marie Lester @ ‘It Can’t Rain All The Time’
    I’ve been an Army Wife for just about two years :) I’m a christian and love coffee and organizing my husband is in the Army (obvious i guess since I’m an army wife lol) he’s stationed in Germany and I live in California. We just finished our first deployment. I blog about every day stuff mixed with military life things, I have a support group on facebook and a website called Hero’s Honey
    btw I’m also having trouble with the buttons :( they come up as links but not the actual badge if anyone knows how to fix this let me know please&Thank you!

  195. OnkelSeosErbe Says:

    great post, very informative. I ponder why the other specialists of this sector don’t understand this. You should continue your writing. I am sure, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!

  196. Belleville Boots Says:

    Excellent goods from you, man. I’ve take note your stuff prior to and you are just too wonderful. I actually like what you have bought right here, certainly like what you’re saying and the best way in which you are saying it. You are making it entertaining and you continue to take care of to stay it smart. I cant wait to read far more from you. That is actually a great web site.

  197. Altair Says:

    Hello Ann Marie, thank you for this community!

    My blog in high heels and dogtags ( ) will be about my thoughts on certain topics and my lifestyle / adventures being a military wife.

    I am new to blogging and i would love to be included in the Navy list. If it’s not much trouble, can you please teach me how to put the icon in my blog? I tried doing it but it says “code invalid”. Thank you

  198. Jacki Says:

    Hi! I love this! I’m Jacki, blogging at The Nomadic Homemaker ( I have three very young kids, my husband is away constantly, and we live overseas. I am doing what takes a village completely on my own most days. I’ve picked up some handy tips along the way that I’m sure any mother can benefit from. I’d like to be included in the Army list. Thank you!

  199. Lindsey Says:

    I am a new military wife finishing our first deployment soon. Hubs is in the army and we just re-upped for another 4 years, so I guess I will be around this joint for awhile. I am a teacher by trade and hope that when we PCS I will make a go of it with my photography. I can hope that I am blessed with some wonderful connections in the south and hopes for stability in the army. I am a new mom to an almost 4 year old so we are making the road without daddy together. Please add me to the army list,

  200. Abby Says:

    Hi, I’m…

    Abby @ the A team

    USAF spouse!

    Thanks :)

  201. Olivia Says:

    Hi, Ann Marie! I was finally able to get your button to work on my blog @ I had to change the code a little bit, but now it works! Anyways, I’d love for you to add me to your blog directory… I’m an Army Wife/ Singer/ Songwriter stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii…. My blog focuses on music, songwriting, Christianity & Army life. Thanks so much for the work you’re doing here… What a great blog!!! And, what a great community…. HOOAH! :) Olivia

  202. Jenn B Says:

    Hi Ana Maria! I’m Jenn, currently freezing my butt off in Fairbanks, Ak while my husband flys for the Air Force at Eielson AFB. My blog, has posts on workouts, spin classes, recipes and how I stay sane in below zero temps :-) I’m so excited to find a community of people that understand being away from family and friends!


  203. Everything Happens For a Reason Says:

    I kept thinking I was already on the list. I didn’t see my name and would like to be added. I am a military spouse to a man in the National Guard (Army). Thanks!

  204. Miranda (June Bug & Co) Says:


    I’m a navy wife and my bestie is a marine wife. We LOVE to go on treasure hunts picking while our fellas are away. From the Longest Garage Sale in the world (hwy 127) to the Junk Jaunt in Nebraska, we enjoy fabulous girl time while finding some of the best vintage treasure around. June Bug & Co started as a way to repurpose salvaged and vintage wares I found on our adventures. Bev & I started Lulu’s Vintage Closet repurposing fabulous vintage jewelry into rings.

    Swing on by:

  205. Lisa Says:

    Hey there!! I am a Navy wife!! I tried to add your button but the graphic isn’t working…maybe I’m doing something wrong…technology is not a strong point haha

  206. Jessie Says:

    HI!!! I was an Amry wife for two years.. went through divorce.. and found the Love of my life who happens to be in the Air Force! My blog(slightly under renovation} is about my journey and my new life as an Air Force wife! Please add me under “Air Force”.. I can be found a:

    Thanks, I’m so happy to be here!

  207. Marie Lester Says:

    http://shadowssunshine. is my blog and I’d love to be on the list! thought I was on there already but would love to be! Army please :) and if anyone knows how to get those buttons working let me know!

  208. Kristen Says:

    I am a new Army wife, new to Army life!
    My husband is about to graduate BCT
    and we will be in our first duty station by next summer!

  209. Lindsey Says:

    I am a navy wife blogging mainly about my two sons, my life with and without my husband, and the happiness and frustrations in between.

    (My husband had to rewrite the codes to make the button/picture/website link work…it was all about my head!)

  210. Amanda Says:

    Hey all!

    I’m Amanda and I am an army wife! Just getting into the swing of things over here. Looking for new friends in the blogging community! is where you can find me!

  211. Jennifer Says:

    I’m Jennifer and while I thought I commented on here the last time I visited, I must have forgotten! :)
    I write on Life With The Lieutenant and chronicle our life in the Army. We are fairly new to the Army life and are coming up on our first deployment () in September 2012. Hope to find some support and encouragement through other blogging spouses! :)

  212. Kalyn Says:

    Hi! I am Kalyn @ “this moment…” and I am a Marine wife. The blog started prior to our first deployment to keep family updated. It continued on as a chronicle of our daily lives, mainly as a means for me to have a virtual scrapbook. Now it serves the purpose of keeping my husband, who has been gone 4 months, updated on our first son, who is 2 months old.

    we share all our moments at

    – and for those of you having trouble with the button, on blogger you can add the picture gadget, save the image and upload it there, and you have the option of linking back to this page. that’s what i had to do! –

  213. Deborah Says:

    Hi there! I’m Deborah and I’m writing from the town of Grottaglie, Taranto, Apulia, Italy. My fiancé is a navy pilot in the italian navy and we spent 3 years in the USA (Nas Pensacola-Florida and Nas Corpus Christi-Texas) during his flight training. Wonderful experience…I love your Country! I just created a blog for italian military spouses in Italy…now everything is written in italian, but I’ll try to translate in Eglish as soon as possible so it’ll be easy to connect to the community of military sposes and military family support!!

  214. casey byrd Says:

    Grabbed button! Military wife, submariner Casey Colette @locomotion of Expressions.

  215. casey byrd Says:

    oops left a t out.

  216. Brie Says:

    My name’s Brie. I’m a Marine-wife and mom of two stationed in Hawaii. I used to be a frequent blogger, took a break for a long while. Recently got back into the game with a new domain {and unfortunately hardly ANY of my old followers, so I’m trying to “rebuild” my readership} and would love to be added!!

    Pink, Blue, & Camo, Too! —


  217. gadgets Says:

    I am extremely impressed with your writing abilities and also with the format on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Either way keep up the excellent quality writing, it’s uncommon to look a great blog like this one these days..

  218. Lynn Says:

    Hi! I’m Lynn @ Olio by Wanderlynn – We’re a USAF family newly stationed in the UK. What a wonderful list you’re creating!

  219. The Mommies Made Me Do It Says:

    Hey HH6, your Mil Spouse button had errors so I fixed it and now it works on my blog. Here’s the code I used:

  220. The Mommies Made Me Do It Says:

    ok, this comment box won’t allow me to post the html code so I’ll put it on your Facebook wall.

  221. Leenie Says:

    Heya! I’m Leenie from “Leenie & Crew”. My url is:
    I am an Army wife blogging about our family freshly joining the Army, and about our adventures oversea (Korea). I wish to be listed under Army. Thanks!

  222. Lindsey Says:

    Hey! I am signed up and trying to add the button to my blog, but for some reason, it won’t show the image but it will show the link! Any ideas?

  223. Debi PT Says:

    Debi @
    I am an Air Force Reservist and an Air Force Spouse. I blog mainly about nutrition from a Paleo/Primal standpoint and am a pediatric physical therapist who loves exercise and helping non-exercisers to start getting into shape!! I have a lot of recipes on my blog and have only started it about 3 months ago. I’m in the middle of a huge weight loss period in my life with 35 lbs already gone!! It’s that old saying, “If I can do it, anyone can!!”

  224. Jessica Says:

    Jessica -@The life of a Sailors wife. US NAVY! :) Still a recent wife, and haven’t got the chance to meet any other spouses! I’m interested in getting to know all of you!!!

  225. Shari@Rain into Rainbows Says:

    Hi! I’m Shari @ Rain into Rainbows

    I’m an Air Force spouse, learning how to live life again after a devastating injury and resulting disease. One day at a time, with God’s help, I’m doing it!

    Thanks for putting this together for us. :-)

  226. Molly Says:

    Hi my name is Molly, a Navy vet, Navy spouse and stay at home mom up in Alaska!! Please add me in the navy catergory!!

  227. Wounded Warrior Directory Says:

    Please help us in our mission to promote and support Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses by visiting us at Thank you for your support! Veterans Directory AKA “The Wounded Warrior Directory” is a directory of over 5000 Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses that deserve our support.

  228. Jennifer Says:

    Hi! My name is Jennifer and I have a blog over at

    I blog about pretty much anything…Deployments, general Navy life, my daughter and our Sailor. I’m big into couponing and trying to save a buck, so that usually shows up in my ramblings as well. :)

    I would love to be listed under Navy. Thanks!

  229. Katie Says:

    Hi, Im Katie. I just started a blog about the journey my husband and I are while he is active duty in the Marines. Its at

  230. Karen(nybird) Says:

    I’m proud to have grown up an Air Force brat…I absolutely loved moving when I was growing up! My husband retired from active Army and has been in Army National Guard ever since. He just had orders for deployment to Afghanistan in December changed to Kuwait in January. We have lived in Upstate NY since 1993 and it’s the longest I’ve ever lived in the same home or state all my life!

  231. Karen(nybird) Says:

    Karen@ Glory Bee Garden
    Army National Guard

  232. Clare Curcio Says:

    Hi! I’m new to this site, and I hope I will fit right in. I’m the wife of a retired Air Force member. Mike and I have been married for nearly 33 years, and he served for 21 years. I am proud of him, although he never went overseas or “fought” as some have in another country.

    My daughter has served in the Air Force for six years, and did go to Saudi Arabia, Qutar and spent six months at the Abu Ghraib prison. Her job was in Intelligence, and her room at the prison was in a cell, which still had things on the walls and hanging from the ceiling for constraint. She has PTSD, and still gets frightened during a thunder storm.

    Thank you for doing this! Thanks to all our servicemen and women!

  233. Margo Kwasnoski Says:

    Hello to all the great military families….my site is, I’m a military spouse of an Air Force active duty member. I put the link on my blog back in August and don’t yet see my blog listed. Thanks for listing it and providing a network of support.

  234. Annie Says:

    Hi I’m Annie a Navy wife here in Sunny San Diego. I blog about my life as a navy wife, from my crafts to the many hours I’ve logged in planes, trains and automobiles ;) My blog is, you can also find me on twitter @navywifediary and facebook

    Confessions of a Navy Wife

  235. Jen Says:

    Marine Corps

  236. Lisa Forgas Says:

    Im a Navy wife!
    Im a Makeup Artist!

    My blog is

    I post reviews, tips, tricks, tutorials, etc! check me out!

  237. Mandy Says:

    Hi! I’m Mandy, and since 2000, we’ve been one big traveling circus. I’m an Air Force wife currently living in Argentina. Wayyyy down south. My blog is about our travels and experiences while living away from the ‘real’ military and the humor in raising a child in a land far away.

    Our Very Own Traveling Circus
    Mandy recently posted..Cotton-Eyed TeagueMy Profile

  238. Whitney Says:

    New Army Wife. Married 4 months, Husband is currently stationed at Fort Sam Houston.

  239. Jenna M. Says:

    Hi, I’m Jenna! @Sailing Till Dawn

    I am an Army wife.

    My husband and I are Christian newlyweds who have been separated more than together, despite the fact that we are relatively new to the military (just about a year and a half in). He is currently deployed and my blog will hopefully encourage other army wives that we aren’t alone; Jesus is in our boat and He will calm the storm for us like He did for the disciples in Mark 4:35-41. He will not let go of us even when we feel like we have nothing to hold on to. :)
    Jenna M. recently posted..Silent FilmsMy Profile

  240. Steph Says:

    Hello, I’m Stephanie and I blog at Two Marines: One Love ( ). I’m the very soon-to-be wife of a United States Marine and I’m going to become a Marine myself! Just looking to make some new friends who have an understanding of what the military life is like! (:

  241. Christina Says:

    Thanks for committing to giving us a great military blog. I love reading you!
    Christina recently posted..Writing Ourselves Into HistoryMy Profile

  242. Hanna Says:

    I’m Hanna and I blog over at

    I blog about anything and everything… my husband’s deployment as an infantryman in Afghanistan, my triumphs, my downfalls, my good and hard times. Follow me through my journey! :-)

  243. Megan Says:

    I would LOVE to be added to the MilSpouse Blogging Community!

    Megan @ – USMC

  244. Lisa Says: I would love to be added to the Army Wives. My heart is to encourage women to walk in formation with Christ and with their husbands.
    Here is the link to my blog:

  245. Cayla Says:

    The name of my blog is Life of a USMC Fiance. My fiance is a Marine.
    Cayla recently posted..Secret Santas + LettersMy Profile

  246. Mackenzy Says:

    mackenzy @
    Im 18 years old, soon to be married to my Marine. Just a blog about our journey through life together. Starting young, but lasting forever.

  247. Yvonne Says:

    I’m an Army wife! :) it’s a pleasure to connect through this community!! Thank you for doing this!
    Yvonne recently posted..CROCSmas Deals!!!My Profile

  248. Eva Howard Says:

    Hi there! :) My blog is really not categorized under one category…I’m not a military spouse (used to have a bf in Active Duty), but have been with Soldiers Angels for 2 years and I also support other military causes. I’m also a police cadet that goes to a paramilitary academy. I added the “Support Military Wives” button on my blog!

  249. Ashley Says:

    I am a newlywed into the National Guard (Army) and we are in our first year of the military as well. In this first year, we have already learned so much more about each other, love and distance! It’s been a whirl but we are coping! I hope to find some lovely new blogs on here!

    • Ashley Says:

      ps. I tried to post the military spouse blogger icon and it comes up as a blue question mark. I tried loading it with the side bar of html. I’m not sure whats wrong..

  250. Melisse Says:

    Hi all! Former Navy brat now Navy wife here with a blog on stuff including travel, deployment, learning to cook, photography, and creative projects. Please stop by and say hi!

  251. Terri-Lynn White Says:

    Hello there. I recently came across your blog. I too am a military spouse(Canadian Military) and have been so for 9 years. Last winter while my husband was deployed, I started a blog called 9er Domestic to pass the long lonely days. I love doing it. I was wondering if you would mind me displaying your Military Spouse Blogger Logo on my blog…I just love it. Aside from the name 9er-Domestic, and my blog posts, my blog doesn’t really display a Military feel. I want it to. I just didn’t want to start using the logo without your permission.

  252. Terri-Lynn White Says:

    Just grabbed your button. I am in love with this blogging community. SO MANY GREAT BLOGS.
    My husband is a member of the Canadian Airforce. I have been a Military Spouse for 9 years and have been blogging for under a year. He spends a lot of time away, leaving me and our 6 year old son to fend for ourselves. But thats okay, it’s nothing we can’t handle. We have been posted 5 times in the last 6 years. I feel like I can take on the world after all that mayhem. I can’t wait to start reading all of these wonderful blogs :)

  253. Susanne Raheem Says:

    I gotta say this site is definitely awesome, keep writing great information.

  254. jessica Says:

    Oops! Forgot to include the title of my blog: A Little Bit of Life. It’s not showing my comment, so I’m not sure if it’s glitching and didn’t post, so the link again is:

    Posting your button my page now! :-)
    jessica recently posted..Thanksgiving and some other junk.My Profile

  255. Brigid Says:

    I would love to be added to the community. I am a soon to be Navy wife and my fiance is a Naval officer.
    Our blog is


  256. Kelly Says:

    My blog began after our first PCS as a way to keep our family up to date. It has become my place to vent, celebrate, and share all the aspects of being an Army Wife, mom, and teacher. It has kept me connected with battle buddies from various duty stations as well as family and serves as a way for me to explain this often crazy journey to my civilian friends.

  257. Kelly Says:

    Oops! Title of blog is:

    We are an Army Family :)

  258. Debbie Says:

    Hi! I would love to be added to this community!! Awesome blog! I am an Army wife and my hubby is FINALLY retiring! WOOO HOOO! But, he is looking for a job with no luck thus far. So, I’ve taken to making crafts… specifically magnets — repurposing various pieces of vintage jewelry or now during the holidays using ornaments. I have 2 military items! Soooo cute! Check them out and, in the meantime, get to crafting… good for you mind, heart and soul! Fleece Camouflage Snowman Magnet/Ornament FREE SHIPPING FREE SHIPPING Resin Military Snowman Soldier Magnet/Ornament or Pin with Support Our Troops Sentiment Card

  259. Carly Says:

    Carly and my blog is

    I am 23 and an Army Wife!

  260. Katie Says:

    Hi. I am a Marine’s wife and would love to be put your list.

  261. Emilia Hackney Says:

    Hi! I am a wife of an active guard (AGR) soldier and would love it if my blog were to be added to your list. Our blog is about our family’s experiences, including those of my special needs child. You can find us at
    Thanks again!

  262. Elizabeth @ The Young Retiree Says:


    “The Young Retiree” has a new address and I’m hoping to have my link updated :) I am over on “” now!
    Elizabeth @ The Young Retiree recently posted..Case of the Mondays:: Where is the Motivation?My Profile

  263. Elizabeth @ The Young Retiree Says:

    Also- I can’t get the button to work on my gadget there, but I am trying- under “I’m a Millie” in my sidebar!
    Elizabeth @ The Young Retiree recently posted..Case of the Mondays:: Where is the Motivation?My Profile

  264. Dani Says:

    Hi AnnMarie! I thought I requested to be added awhile back, but I don’t see my name here in the comments. I’m a Marine Corps wife and my blog, Hard Corps Love, is about all the things I love: mil life, design, weddings, photography, books, scrapbooking, and more!

  265. Briana Walsh Says:


    Recipe for a Beautiful Life
    365 days of food, fitness and the attempt for fabulousness (from a Navy wife).


  266. Jen Says:

    I have been an Air Force wife for almost 11 years now. We are currently stationed at Tinker AFB, OK. This is our 5th base.
    Jen recently posted..True Christmas Spirit.My Profile

  267. Whitney Says:

    Hi my name is Whitney, I blog over at My Husband is in the Marine Corps and I blog about our life and everyday adventures.
    Whitney recently posted..sentimental for sureMy Profile

  268. Kathryn Says:

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Kathryn, I am new to blogging and I would love to be added to your list.My husband is in the Army Reserves. My blog is about our first deployment, life, our young children and other things that come to mind.

    Thank you!
    Kathryn recently posted..IntroductionMy Profile

  269. JessicaLee Says:

    Hey Everyone!

    My name is Jessica and I am new to blogging and a new military wife, so I would love to be added to your list. My husband is in the United States Air Force. My blog is simply the journey of becoming a new military wife and all this new life has to offer.


    Thank you
    JessicaLee recently posted..Holiday Weekend & Week 7!!!My Profile

  270. Ashley Says:

    I have changed the name of my blog. I’m on your list as So you’re not going to believe this… and I have changed the name to Sabers, Spurs and a Pink Stetson. It’s still at the same address! Thanks!

  271. Megan Says:

    My name is Megs and the name of my blog is 1,000 Days of Chaos. It’s just about trying to find peace and happiness in the chaos that is military life.


    Thank you!!
    Megan recently posted..2012My Profile

  272. Dawn Says:

    Hi, my name is Dawn and I have been an Air Force wife for 8 yrs now. I write about Genealogy, digi scrapping, and saving money I would love to be added to the list. Thank you.

  273. Lisa Says:

    Proud Wife of an Active Duty Army Reservist! (AGR) So list me under either one!

  274. Briana Tomlin Says:

    I’m a marine wife and I blog about the ups and downs but also my life as a student and so many other things. So I would like to be listed under the marine corps.

  275. Camla Says:

    Just a navy wife blogging about her everyday life.
    Camla recently posted..Who am I?My Profile

  276. Jessica Lynn Says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you would mind changing the title of my blog. I changed it almost a year ago, but just realized it’s still the old name on here! It’s under Air Force and is currently Jesstagirl and her Officer, but the new title (and the one I’m sticking to for good) is Jessica Lynn Writes (same URL). Thank you so much!
    Jessica Lynn recently posted..Buon Anno! (Happy New Year!)My Profile

  277. Heather @CritterChronicles Says:

    Another AD Army wife (currently in Colorado but stationed previously in Germany and Okinawa) who blogs. Not primarily about military life but as this is my personal/family blog it certainly creeps in (and takes over) now and then. I’d love to be added to your blogroll!

    Heather @Critter Chronicles

    I also had a lot of difficulties getting the button to work on my (WP) blog. Had to go through and change all the apostrophes, and also to make it actually link back to this page when that function disappeared. It’s set now, though.
    Heather @CritterChronicles recently posted..Recipe: Lemon Cranberry BreadMy Profile

  278. Callie @ A Chance To Die Says:

    Callie Glorioso-Mays
    A Chance to Die (
    AD Air Force Wife

    My husband is newly commissioned so we’re still adjusting to AF life (and married life, as we are newlyweds). :) I write about Christianity, chronic illnesses, marriage, books, recipes, etc. Currently stationed at Keesler AFB (Biloxi, MS) until spring 2012.

    I’m excited to be a part of this community and to learn from those of you who have walked this road before me! We are scheduled to PCS in April/May and were planning on requesting a OCONUS assignment, but just out that we are expecting a baby in early August…still trying to figure out what to do about all that!
    Callie @ A Chance To Die recently posted..the reason for the season (an overdue Christmas post)My Profile

  279. Jenn Says:

    My name is Jennifer Row- Category USMC

  280. Kristen Says:

    Hi! My name is Kristen and the name of my blog is ‘Our Dream Come True’. We are an AD USAF family, who’s been living overseas for the past 6 years. We’re about to PCS back stateside with our beautiful, loud, and smart girls. My blog is a glimpse at our chaotic life.

  281. Jaimi @ The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide Says:

    Hi, Commented a while back, but have not seen my blog listed yet. Just checking back to try again to get listed on this great resource list for military spouses and bloggers! Thanks!
    Jaimi @ The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide recently posted..Crash Course in Child Development: ToddlersMy Profile

  282. Kristina Says:

    Kristina @, Marine Corps

    I am a new Marine wife, my husband is halfway through his initial training so he hasn’t gotten a duty station yet, but we should know some time in May!

  283. Sarah Says:

    I am Sarah @ and I am a Navy wife and mother to three little girls, four and under. We are currently surviving our first actual deployment in 7 years…we’ve been lucky!


  284. Katie Says:

    I put the button on my blog months ago but I’m still not on the list…. I think I’m going to take it down now because there is no point of it being up anymore

  285. Carol Stratton Says:

    We are not a military family but with my 22 plus moves, I sometimes feel like we are. I would love to share my website with your readers. I have encouraging tips to help with the move and afterwards. Thank you all for your service to our country.

    Carol G Stratton

  286. Julie Says:

    I was wondering if you could add my blog? I just realized it wasn’t listed. Thanks!
    Julie recently posted..My Military Life: Home for a whileMy Profile

  287. Lauren Finan Says:

    Hi, my name is Lauren @ and in 124 days (but who is counting) I will be a military (Army, National Guard) wife. I love reading through all the wonderful blogs, to see the seasoned wife and the newlywed wives views and feelings. This is such a wonderful community.

  288. Melissa Says:

    Hello! Just found your site. Great Job! Please add me to the Army section as I am a relatively new blogger and veteran Army wife. Thanks for all your support!
    Melissa recently posted..Renaming the BlogMy Profile

  289. Jen Says:

    I blog about my life and about my husband and how the military affects our day to day life

  290. Tanya Says:

    Hello, everyone! I’m an Army wife stationed in Germany, and I’m brand spankin new to blogging. I’ve loved browsing through all the great blogs listed here, and am excited to share a bit of my daily ramblings with you all. I’d also love some feedback to help me get my blog up and running if any of you have some extra time. Take care, all!

  291. Sunni Says:

    Hello! I have updated my blog due to some complications I was having with the old one and would like to add my blog to your list! I am a wife of an Active Duty Marine. My name is Sunni and my blog is still called The Unnavigated Life

    I would love to be listed under the Marine Corps. Thank you so much!

    Sunni recently posted..Just A ChairMy Profile

  292. Holly Says:

    My blog is called the The Pioneer Apron. I am a military wife, Air Force, and my blog is mainly cooking and running! I’d love to have more followers :D Love reading new blogs :D
    Holly recently posted..One Year Ago Today….My Profile

  293. Renee Says:

    Hi, I’m Renee.

    I am a going on 18 years navy brat who also married a navy brat (both of his parents are active duty navy) who recently enlisted in the navy =] My husband is a Corpsman and we are currently living on a marine base.

  294. Nancy Says:

    Hi everyone! I have a blog called Stretch That L.E.S. which is dedicated to Military Life, Saving Money and Couponing. I share deals that you can find at the commissary and civilian stores, give money saving tips, update you on companies that offer discounts and freebies to service members, all to make that hard earned dollar last a little longer.

    Who am I? My name is Nancy and I serve in the Air Force, 10 years and counting. I love saving money but hate sacrificing, so I am constantly on the lookout for simple and fun ways to put a few $ aside.

    Although I’m in the Air Force, this blog is for all services.
    Nancy recently posted..I Love Subway!My Profile

  295. Rachel Says:

    Army wife and Air Force Mom. Both of my guys deployed at present! The blog started out as ramblings about girl power, but now it is usually me fussing about our deployments!

  296. Juliana Says:

    Hi! I am a new army wife, planning the traditional wedding and preparing for my first PCS! Thank you for this!!! :)

  297. Jessica Says:

    I’m Jessica @ My Baby Birds and I’m a Coast Guard veteran and Coast Guard wife of 10 years. My blog is primarily about raising our three daughters, but also includes meals, cocktails, lots of relationship posts and life as a Coast Guard spouse.
    Jessica recently posted..I promise…My Profile

  298. CamoConnet Says:

    Hi my name is Allee and my man is in the Marines. I just started a new social network for military spouses and friends. Check it Out!

  299. Amy Says:

    Hello! I’m Amy from ‘Amy’s Spot’ I’m a proud ARMY spouse blogging about day to day life as a wife, mother, health educator, nomad, and dog wrangler living in Germany. Food, photography, travel and family make me happy. I’d love to have you stop by!
    Amy recently posted..3/FebruaryMy Profile

  300. Staci Z Says:

    I would love to be added to the active duty Air Force list. We’re a family of five and I blog/journal about being an AF wife and mother. Thanks so much!
    Staci Z recently posted..Monarch ButterfliesMy Profile

  301. Rachel Says:

    Hey, my name is Rachel and I just began my Air Force wife blog, the AFwife Life at .
    The purpose of my blog is to educate, uplift, and reach out to Air Force wives, as well as military wives in general. I am also using this blog as a means of documenting my husband and I’s countless adventures to come :)
    Rachel recently posted..My Simple Organization SolutionMy Profile

  302. The New "Normal" Says:

    Hello! What a great list! Would love to be included (Army National Guard)!
    My blog is The New “Normal” @

    Thanks! :)
    The New “Normal” recently posted..Oh So Yum!My Profile

  303. Rachel Says:

    Okay so I’ve already changed the name of my blog!
    It’s called “Inside the Life of an Air Force Wife” @
    I apologize for my indecisiveness!
    Rachel recently posted..The Super What?My Profile

  304. Alison McGee Says:

    I am a Canadian Army wife; my blog chronicles the day to day challenges and excitements of Canadian Army life.
    Alison McGee recently posted..OverwhelmedMy Profile

  305. Sarah Pardieck Says:

    I’m Sarah @ Notice the Dirt. Url: Go Army!

    I am a board-certified foodie, stress-fueled runner, enthusiastically mediocre gardener, born and bred Southerner, 30-something, self-employed, etiquette-aholic, Army officer’s don’t-call-me-Army-Wife.

    I share my recipes even when they fail, chronicle my garden even when it’s dead, share my brilliant thoughts even when they’re dumb and seek all things classy even when I’m feeling rude. I hope you’ll Notice the Dirt, because only God is perfect… to Him the glory!
    Sarah Pardieck recently posted..Five New Social Media No-No’sMy Profile

  306. Ashton Says:

    I posted for the first time today on The Warrior Life of an Army Wife (WLAW). The blog is dedicated to documenting the life of an infantry officer’s wife, beginning with our first adventure- IBOLC. I’m also an attorney who loves all things domestic, crafty, & thrifty. Expect share worthy posts on the things I love, plus a spouse survey every now and then:)
    Happy Blogging!

  307. Liz Says:

    Hello all! I’m a Marine Wife and mom of 3 kids, soon to be 4.

  308. Amelia Says:

    Hey everyone! Amelia from Hastings in Hawaii ( here! I’m a newish blogger and a Marine wife for about 7 months now, and I started this blog to document our time at our first duty station here in Hawaii, and all the craziness that comes with it.

  309. Kristina Olsen Says:

    Kristina @ The Life of an Infantryman’s Girl

    I’m an army fiance who blogs about love, life, and of course everything Army. From Ranger School to most recently finishing our first deployment, and tackling our first PCS as a married couple.

  310. Sara Says:

    Just trying to figure out how to add my blog. We are Army national guard. Could you help me. thanks!!
    Sara recently posted..lazy saturdayMy Profile

  311. April Stanford Says:

    I am one of the spouses in a unique situation…I am a military spouse BUT also in the military as well. I have been looking everywhere for military spouse bloggers and so glad I finally found you all!
    My blog is called Reporting for Duty: Mommyhood and I blog about cooking, crafting, kids, military and anything else I love to talk about.
    Hope you all enjoy!
    April Stanford recently posted..Shepherd’s Pie made easy!My Profile

  312. ROXY Says:

    I’m Roxy! =) I just began blogging. I am a pregnant newlywed Army wife that recently PCS to Texas.

    My blog is called An Island Girl’s Life As An Army Wife @

    I vent about random things about my blog such as how I’m coping with our PCS move, my pregnancy and anything else that my mind ponders on.
    ROXY recently posted..My First Snow!My Profile

  313. Cindy Says:

    Hey I’m Cindy, I’m a Marine Corps Wife… I blog about the military and our daily lives.

    You can find my blog here @

    Come follow me.. and I’ll follow you!
    Cindy recently posted..Military WoesMy Profile

  314. Tamra Augostino Says:

    Tamra from Front Porch Reviews
    I’m the spouse of a full time Air National Guard Airman.
    Tamra Augostino recently posted..Celtic Woman Believe #Review and #GiveawayMy Profile

  315. Caitlin Says:

    I’m Caitlin. I just started a blog that will focus of military life, recipes, and thrift shopping. Please take a look :)

  316. E Says:

    I’m E and I blog about my big adventure (life). I’m an Army Wife and always looking to find new blogs to read. I’d love to be added to the list & have new friends stop by to share their blog. Also, I tried to add the button, but the link only showed up as a question mark. Maybe it was down? Any help would be great! Thanks so much.
    E recently posted..first ever swapMy Profile

  317. Lisa Says:

    I am Lisa, I just started a blog about what i have learned about myself, dealing with migraines, and my first army separation with my NG soldier.

  318. Kelley Kagele Says:

    Hi! I am Kelley @ Never a Dull Day in Poland blog. I am very soon to be retired Air Force wife who is starting our next chapter of our lives in Poland at a military base.
    Kelley Kagele recently posted..Time to cook….GołąbkiMy Profile

  319. Yolanda Byrd Says:

    Hello, Marine spouse here. Living and working in Virginia, the state of Virginia thinks that when we PCS with our spouses that we voluntarly quit our jobs and therefore should not qualify for unemployment benefits. We know the stress that comes with moving to a new duty station. Facing a major cut in the budget should not be one of them. Sign my petition at (The state of Virginia:Qualify Military spouses for Unemployment in VA. Let’s make a difference and a change!

  320. CB Says:

    My husband is Retired Army who was forced to retire due to PTSD. My blog is and its called HouseHold 6: The Civilian Life and follows us on our journey after the military and talks about our fight against PTSD.

  321. Jordyn Lovett Says:

    I am Jordyn @ Loving In Grace. I am in Air Force wife!

  322. Leah Ramsbottom Says:

    I have been writing this blog for several years. I was an AF brat growing up and now am an Army Wife. I also run Recruited ByLove on facebook, a support page for military spouses and I am turning it into a nonprofit.

    This is my journey as a wife and daughter, a mother and entrepreneur.
    Leah Ramsbottom recently posted..Garden DONE!!!!My Profile

  323. caitlin Says:

    hi! i’m caitlin, i blog over at mrsk&family & i’m an army wife :)
    caitlin recently ‘little bits of happiness’My Profile

  324. Erica Says:

    I’m a law student.

    He’s a Marine.

    We’re a pair of punk rock tejanos from a tiny island in Texas who managed to find our way to a bigger island in Hawaii.

    Soon we’ll be joined by a little beach baby.

    Here’s our story from two pink lines and beyond.
    Erica recently posted..11 thingsMy Profile

  325. Heather Says:

    I’m an Army wife – my husband is in the Canadian Infantry. We are currently living in beautiful Virginia for 3 years. We have two wonderful sons, a tween and teen. My blog, Setting for Four, discusses DIY’s, budget decorating without sacrificing style and military family life.
    Heather @

  326. Lauren Says:


    My name is Lauren and my blog is Life with Us at

    I’m in the Air Force, he is in the Army National Guard. We’re about to have our first PCS in only 10 days (I’m just now entering active duty). We currently live in Illinois and moving to Kansas.

  327. Danielle Phillips Says:

    Hi I am Danielle @ Georgia Grown but Army Bred
    My husband is Active Duty Army (6 years). I would love to be apart of this community!
    Danielle Phillips recently posted..A little trip to the Peach stateMy Profile

  328. Allie Says:

    My husband has been in the navy for almost 4 yrs now and we’re currently surviving our second deployment! I blog about a variety of things, but mainly about my life as a navy wife!
    Allie recently posted..Bargain shopping!My Profile

  329. Crystal Says:

    I am the wife of an underwater construction diver for the Navy. I am currently pregnant with our first child while he is away on deployment.

  330. Elizabeth Burnett Says:

    Hi I am Elizabeth I am married to Marshall and he is a SGT in the ARMY currently gearing up for deployment #2..I would love to be added to your list of Army blogs. blog can be found at

  331. Nicole Says:

    Hi, Nicole from “My Life In Black And White” . I am a fiancee of a disabled Army Vet. Not new to the mil lifestyle, just new to the blog world! =)
    Nicole recently posted..Change of Scenery? And then some…My Profile

  332. Nicole Says:

    I’m Nicole at Sailor’s Sweetheart and my husband Michael is currently serving in the Navy, 2 years into an 8 year enlistment. We’ve been together for over 6 years but got married a little over 4 months ago! We are finally together, loving (most of the time) and living this Navy life!
    Nicole recently posted..Spring, is that you!?!My Profile

  333. Lorie Says:

    This is an excellent source for military wife blogs and such. Now comes the search to find all of my favorite stuff! My husband and i share a Couple’s Blog and I hope any military wives will check it out. We just started it, and my husband does most of the writing, but we both would love everyone’s support and feedback. Thank you all!
    Lorie recently posted..Master plan to improve the Marine CorpsMy Profile

  334. Kelly Leuck Says:

    My name is Kelly and I am a proud Air Force wife currently stationed at Beale AFB in CA.
    This is an excellent resource and I would LOVE to be added to your list.

    Happy reading everyone!
    Kelly Leuck recently posted..HomeMy Profile

  335. Rebecca Says:

    Blog Title: Life Of An Army Wife


    Blog dealing with the ins and outs of being an Army Wife living with disabilities and infertility.

    Please list me under ARMY.


  336. Alyssa Says:

    Hi! I’m Alyssa and I’m engaged to a Lt in the US Army. My blog is I would love to be added to the Army bloggers category. Thanks so much!

  337. Chelsea Says:

    Chelsea at

    Marine Corps Wife, Working Mother and the most sarcastic and blunt person you will ever meet! :)

  338. Michelle Says:

    I would love to be added to your list of blogs. I really enjoy your site.
    My husband is in the Marine Corp.

    Michelle recently posted..A Marine WifeMy Profile

  339. New Mommy Confessions Says:

    I’d really love to be added to the blog list.
    New Mommy Confessions recently posted..Military Appreciation Giveaway!My Profile

  340. Carlie K. Says:

    Hello! Glad to have connected thru twitter with a fellow Army wife in Germany!
    Please add my blog to the AD Army section. I have already put the button on my side bar :)

    I blog about Army life in Germany, homeschooling, family, healthy living, cooking/baking, reviews/giveaways, And lots more! Danke!
    Carlie K. recently posted..Friday {Giveaway} DayMy Profile

  341. Ken Says:

    Great site and proud to be here. I’m a AD Army member but started my own mil spouse blog because I appreciate everything my wife has done for me along the 18 years of my service. My blog is new but I plan on growing it!

    Thanks for a great community!
    Ken recently posted..Power of Attorney for Military Spouses? Yes, Please!My Profile

  342. Samantha Says:

    My husband is in the Army. Right now he’s deployed. I’m using this blog as a tool to help deal with the seperation, and grow personally. Thanks for creating a community like this one!

  343. Alisha Says:

    I am a proud Army Wife currently stationed in Kingston, ON. My husband is an Exchange Officer currently with the Canadian Military.

    Here is my blog: Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife

    Alisha recently posted..Vinyl Amp CoverMy Profile

  344. Heidi Says:

    Hi, I am Heidi from Thinking of a Clever Name. We are an Air Force Family, and after dealing with infertility are now on a journey towards adoption!
    Heidi recently posted..Trying to remember this….My Profile

  345. Destiny Says:

    Destiny @ Rockin’ Mama

    Branch- Army National Guard

    My Mr. enlisted 3 weeks ago and just left for BT yesterday. This is the first time we will ever be separated and we have 4 small children. Huge life changes and hoping to connect with some wonderful mamas.

    I have tried to add the button to my page several times and the photo appears to be broken, anyone else having issues?
    Destiny recently posted..Talk To Us TuesdayMy Profile

  346. Curtez Says:

    Greetings, do you allow guest posts? Would be interested in writing an article about “Military Spouses using the Internet to find employment”

    Curtez recently posted..The Army’s Cutting Soldiers: Are You Ready for your Post-Military Career?My Profile

  347. Elise Says:

    Hi! I’m in the Army category. My husband is a retired Sgt who has severe PTSD and a mild brain injury. He had to be medically separated from the Army and then was given retirement. My blog is and I write about our struggles with dealing with his disability, raising our family, and day to day stuff.

  348. Sarah Says:

    Hi I’m Sarah and my husband is in the Air Force. I’m having trouble adding your button though…is there anything that can be done?

  349. Elizabeth Says:

    I used to be Chronicles of Team Smitty, then City Lights Camo Nights, now my ADD has kicked in again and I am just Defying Gravity!!
    I’d love if you could change my link and everything!

    Elizabeth recently posted..Best quacamole, ever!My Profile

  350. Nitra Says:

    Hi everyone. I am a Army wife. I have a blog and I would appreciate if you stop and hey maybe even follow me. Thanks so much.

    Also I am on Google+ look me up Nitra SoExclusive

    Love You Lots,
    Nitra recently posted..Dinner: Chicken Spaghetti RecipeMy Profile

  351. Katie Says:

    Hey guys! I’m Katie. I’m engaged to United States Marine. My blog is about my adventures and struggles on the road to matrimony and eveutally our life living on some base…somewhere. I would appreciate having some of the support that I see all these military wives showing eachother and I’m excited to be apart of this community.
    You can read my blod at
    I appreciate any and all comments :)
    Katie recently posted..And Our Story ContinuesMy Profile

  352. Jessica Says:

    Hi everyone!

    Come check out my blog! I am an Army wife and a stay at home mom.

  353. Katherine Says:

    I’m an army wife, homeschooling mom, on our way to hawaii. I am so new at bloggin that i can’t figure out how to post that military spouse button, oy vey! Anyway, I am very interested in organic, local foods, natural living, general crunchy mama stuff, travel, yoga, interfaith communication, etc. super curious & enjoying sharing the love of learning with my super kids. come visit :)

  354. Alana Says:

    Alana, Marine Wife, Author of Fractured Fairy Tales

    Currently in Helena, Mt on Recruiting Duty. Making the most of the very long winters. Hoping to be back in Okinawa in 2013.
    Alana recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  355. Alison McGee Says:

    Hey, I commented a while ago and my blog never seemed to make it to the list. It’s and I’m a Canadian Army Wife.

  356. Jennifer Says:

    Hi! I love this! What a great resource!


    We are an Air Force family currently in New Jersey!
    Jennifer recently posted..Parenting in the World of TechnologyMy Profile

  357. KiKi Says:

    I’m a new blogger. Can you please add me. I’m a newlywed Air Force Wife

  358. Kathy Says:

    Kathy @ The Story of an Airman and his Mrs.
    I’m a 24 year old Air Force wife and I just started blogging again. Please feel free to past by & follow!

  359. Jamie @ Says:

    The blog of a wife of a US Navy Submariner :)
    Jamie @ recently posted..Welcome!My Profile

  360. Mistie Says:

    Hi, I just started blogging.

    My blog is called ” Army Life With Triplets”. We are Army, in this blog will read about my journey on becoming an army wife, my struggle with getting pregnant, the tough road of being pregnant with triplets and my everyday life with my triplets mixing with my life style of the military. hope to have some followers.

    I just started it and still working on getting it up to date. thanks again
    Mistie recently posted..15 months…..My Profile

  361. Sarah Says:

    Sarah at Dandelions and Daffodils-
    My husband is in the Army.

    I keep trying to add the button but the code isn’t working for some reason.

  362. Amy Says:

    Amy @

    I am an Army wife. Our Share of Crazy is all about the fun and crazy things in life. We talk about kids, parenting, military life, activities, websites, and products. We do a lot of reviews and lots of giveaways.
    Amy recently posted..Growing an Organic Garden with Whitney FarmsMy Profile

  363. Amy Says:

    Amy @

    I am an Army spouse. Commissary Deals is a website dedicated to helping military families save through sharing great deals, coupons, Commissary matchups, and military discounts.
    Amy recently posted..Commissary Conagra DealMy Profile

  364. Lisa Says:


    A blog that aims to provide inspiration and encouragement to military wives.

    Branch: Marines
    Lisa recently posted..About this BlogMy Profile

  365. Katrina Says:

    Katrina @ Gold Star Fiancee.
    My blog is about my experience after the death of my fiance and hoping to help others going through the same thing .

  366. Cindy Says:

    Listed under Army.
    Blog name: Married to the Military

    A blog about being Married to the Military, dealing with deployments, and raising 6 children.

  367. Tatted Mom Says:

    Air Force
    Blog Name: The Inklings of Life

    Inklings is about finding the humor in motherhood. Hubby is stationed 2000 miles away, so this blog is also about parenting between the miles and the kids and my journey to get to him.

  368. Shannon@ WONDERLAND Says:

    I am an ARMY wife recently moved to Fort Bragg, NC and this blog is mainly just to document a new begging for me and my mister after handling a seperartion at first and now patching things up again. It’s also to document my life out of the military as far as my family, my work, and my journey through school. Nothing is ever impossible.
    Shannon@ WONDERLAND recently posted..Family Pets.My Profile

  369. Jenee C. Says:

    Blog name- camo meets couture
    Branch- Army

    My blog is mostly visual based around outfits I wear, recipes I make and all the other little things that come my way.
    Jenee C. recently posted..Wardrobe diaries: Storm’s a brewinMy Profile

  370. Christina A Says:

    Blog Name: Getting It Right @ 30


    Branch: National Guard

    My blog is just random. Recipes, daily life, being a mom, etc. I hope to connect with others.
    Christina A recently posted..10 Day You Challenge: Day 5My Profile

  371. Abi Says:

    Hi – I sort of fit in here and would like to be added if you don’t mind. I would probably fit into the Just a little different cat. since my husband is with the American Red Cross Services to Armed Forces (SAF) and he gets moved around by the military and deployed so we live a similar life and are very intertwined and definitely supportive of the military. We are moving to our first overseas base and I’d love to connect with more military bloggers.
    Our blog is:

    Abi recently posted..Texas trip….My Profile

  372. Mel Says:

    I’m surprised it took me this long to sign up for this. I’m an AD Army Wife, law school graduate and long-time blogger. Living with my husband in Ft. Carson, CO, originally from Minnesota.
    Mel recently posted..I think I can, I think I canMy Profile

  373. Cassie Says:

    I have added the link but I’m having trouble getting the button to show up. Please let me know what I’m doing wrong. Thanks
    Cassie recently posted..I can breathe again!My Profile

  374. Theresa Says:

    Hello, I am an Air Force wife new to the blogging world and would love to be listed here! I am new to being a stay at home mom and am blogging about my new journey.

  375. Theresa Says:

    I would love for my blog, Unconventional Practicality, to be listed. I thought a had the badge linking up to this site up for quite some time, but I recently viewed my blog and it was a tile with no photo. I see a lot of girls had the same problem, so I followed the advice given by another blogger in the comment feed: add a gadget, select “photo”, then paste this web address in the link section for the photo. Viola! Problem solved.
    Theresa recently posted..How to Deal With People Who Drain YouMy Profile

  376. Ginger Harrington Says:

    I would love to join this community of bloggin’ military spouses. Ginger’s Corner: Where the Spiritual Meets the Practical celebrates the process where the spiritual and the practical intersect in daily and family life. Posts feature humor, real-girl mistakes, devotions and insights, how-to’s on spiritual growth, practical ideas, and life stories. As a military wife, my blog is of particular interest, but not limited to military spouses. I will work on getting the button posted on my site–techno igno here, so it may not happen immediately, but I am on it:)

  377. Ginger Harrington Says:

    I forgot to add that I am a marine wife.
    Ginger Harrington recently posted..Living Faith is an Everything Kind of ThingMy Profile

    • Sailor's Valentine Says:

      I would love to join the blogging community here! I think it’s wonderful! My blog has been up and going for at least a year now. It’s just all about my crazy adventures as a wife and mom of a teenager and a toddler.

      We are a Navy family. Thanks so much!
      Sailor’s Valentine recently posted..Home At LastMy Profile

  378. Jessica Says:

    I’m Marine Corps wife, currently stationed at Camp Smith, Hawaii. We’re doing our FIRST PCS to Camp Jejeune at the end of this month!
    Jessica recently posted..It’s a wild rideMy Profile

  379. Heather Says:

    Hi! I am the wife of a Chaplain Assistant in the Air National Guard!

    I blog at and would love to be added to the listing under National Guard!
    Heather recently posted..Menu Plan for May 6-13My Profile

  380. Tressa Says:

    Hi – I’m Tressa, an Air Force Wife blogger. Check out my blog at
    Tressa recently posted..Dear Monday v.2My Profile

  381. Brittany Says:

    Hey! I’m Brittany. My boyfriend is currently in Basic Training in Fort Benning Georgia. We are getting married in August! He recently signed a contract for Honor Guard so we are moving to DC when he gets out of Basic and AIT. I am a musician who is wanting to pursue it as a career. I’m wanting to share our journey as a musician and soldier! I’m trying to get my blog up and looking good before we make the big move but I’m wanting to get started with it ASAP!


  382. Mik and Kimmie Says:

    Hi! We are 2 Navy Wives who are starting a blog about Navy Life, raising kids, dealing with homes, and random funny stuff! We plan on doing give aways and stuff like that in the future! We want to get our name out there and hopefully other wives and parents will benefit from our experiences!

  383. Marcella Says:

    Hi I’m Marcella at Life of a military family. I’ve been a Marine wife for almost 8 years and I’m a SAHM of two. :)

  384. Kylie Says:

    I am a dedicated military girlfriend, and grew up a military brat, and I would love to be part of this community. I stumbled on it by accident as I was looking for some more songs to add to my deployment playlist and found a blog with that button on the side, and I just had to click it, and I’m glad I did!

    Army Girlfriend

  385. Emily Says:

    My name Is emily. I am currently with my army hubby in Germany for at least another year and a half and enjoy looking at other military spouse blogs who are going through the same things I am.
    Emily recently posted..Blog Hop for Military SpousesMy Profile

  386. Amanda @ Overseas Adventures Says:

    I’m an army wife living in Germany. I’ve written about the process of moving overseas, life on the army post and out in Heidelberg, and will soon be writing about our travels elsewhere in Germany (and hopefully soon elsewhere in Europe).
    Amanda @ Overseas Adventures recently posted..Military Spouse Appreciation Day Blog Hop: Welcome to Overseas AdventuresMy Profile

  387. Jessica Says:

    Jessica @ On The Fly – wife of an Air Force Pilot, currently at our third base and living the military life :)

  388. Hilary-O Says:

    Can you add me to the Marine section?
    Hilary-O @ Babies, Bayonets, and the USMC

    I am writing from the point of view of a woman with no military background whose husband enlisted and is currently at bootcamp in San Diego.
    Hilary-O recently posted..Birth Class DramaMy Profile

  389. Heather M Says:

    Hi my name is Heather @ I Carry Your Heart, I Carry it in my Heart & I am engaged to B who is currently serving in the US Army – stationed at Ft. Bragg.

    So excited to have the opportunity to connect with other military spouses!

  390. Kayla Lee Says:

    Hello my name is Kayla and my blog is: My husband is the the Marines. When I paste your button in my gadget thing it does not work? Any idea what I am doing? It comes up as an invalid link instead of a button.

  391. Teri @ Wife with Words Says:

    Hey I’m Teri, I’m a Navy wife living in Japan. I used to have a blog Wife with Books, which is listed above. I switched the name about a year ago when I decided to start fresh!

  392. Savannah Says:

    Hello I’m Savannah, Author of “The Adventures Of Smos” — Married to a Marine finishing up his first 4 years. He’s currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan. Re-enlisting in July, hoping to extend his stay on Okinawa, with plans to move myself and our baby (due in August) with him. We’ve been together before he’s joined the USMC, wed in January 2012. We’re both from Hawaii. I’m new to the spouse life, excited to read and meet other strong partners to our Military.

  393. Kecia Says:

    I’m a new Army wife and new blogger. Getting ready to move to Germany (Landstuhl) with my Army pilot hubby. Looking to be a part of this great online community and hopefully even make connections in Germany!

    I added the HTML code for the button to my page but it’s not appearing. :(



  394. Chloe Joy Says:

    Chloe @ The Vintage Experimentalist
    Marine Corps
    Chloe Joy recently posted..Fashion Inspiration of the Day….My Profile

  395. Sam Says:

    Hi There I am Sam from Prarie Life (title soon to change due to our big move AWAY from the Prarie) My blog is found

    Though I am not a American Army wife (nor American for that matter) i hope you will include me. I am a Canadian married to a British Soldier who is hoping to transfer to the Australian army….

  396. Sam Says:

    Hi There I am Sam from Prarie Life (title soon to change due to our big move AWAY from the Prarie) My blog is found above as can’t seem to attach my link

    Though I am not a American Army wife (nor American for that matter) i hope you will include me. I am a Canadian married to a British Soldier who is hoping to transfer to the Australian army….

  397. Alexandra Ramirez Says:

    I am a mother of 1, air force wife, and a fitness blogger. Come to my site to get that baby weight off of you!
    Alexandra Ramirez recently posted..Being A Military Wife, and A Mother, And Also Have A JobMy Profile

  398. Raven Green Says:

    I am an Army wife of ten years, a former Navy brat, a mother of 2, a new convert to the SAHM world, a fledgling special needs advocate, a 30 something year old woman, an old soul with a romantic heart and an analytical mind

    Join me as I share my world and hopefully add to yours a little..

    Also on Facebook and Twitter

    Also Manage and blog on
    which is also on Facebook and Twitter
    Raven Green recently posted..“Special Needs Moms Sorority”My Profile

  399. Ginny Says:

    Hi everyone! I’m Ginny from MOMentarily Distracted. I’m an Army Spouse & fellow blogger. I’m so glad I came across this “blog roll” so I can connect with more spouses!

    My blog is about our everyday life of marriage, kids, the dog, the Army. I also talk about breastfeeding, cloth diapering, using coupons, and plan to have future postings regarding homeschooling and PTSD.

    I’m about to post the link above on my site & then check out some of the blogs you have posted! Thank you again so much for sharing this “community” with everyone!
    Ginny recently posted..Life Insurance: Part 1 – Putting a Price on Weight?My Profile

  400. Kaitlin Says:

    Hey, I’m Kait over at “Journeys: Musings of an Army Wife through Life’s Adventures”. My husband has been in the army for a year and we’re getting ready to take on our first deployment. I am so happy I stumbled upon this community!

  401. Sara Says:

    I’m Sara! I also don’t know how to add the code to my sidebar. I’m not sure what’s going wrong here… can someone help me?

  402. Sara Says:

    So I introduced myself, but didn’t post my link to my blog!

    I’m glad I found this and two other sites that support military spouse blogging. If you want to find those, you can go on my blog and I have their picture link posted on the sidebar and the footer of my blog. Enjoy! I’ll be reading yours as well :)
    Sara recently posted..Currently..My Profile

  403. April Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is April and I am a proud Army wife. We’ve been at this life for almost 9 years now. My blog isn’t necessarily all military life related but I hope to make you all laugh at least once!

    The name of my blog is: Too Smart for Her Own Good

    Thanks for the listing, I’m trying to get the blog icon code to work, not sure why there’s a problem but I’ll figure it out!
    April recently posted..ROAD TRIP!My Profile

  404. WANDA Says:

    I am an Army wife, new blooger, and living through a deployment!

    Blogging about recreating a home and life with a current PCS to Macdill AFB in Tampa, living in a “non military” community and feeling LIKE NO ONE GETS ME!! OH and how I will survive this current deployment that is only we are only 2 days into!

  405. Mindy Says:

    Check out my blog “A Family on the Move” Its about our family and the Adventures we have as a military family. I am an Air Force Wife, mom of three boys, Key Spouse, and trying to blog in my spare time. Did I mention we are in the process of moving to our 6th state in 10 years ;)

    For those having a hard time posting the badge like Ginny said above just delete all of the “quotations” and you should be set.
    Mindy recently posted..A Trip to the ParkMy Profile

  406. Makeda Says:

    My husband is in the army. My blog, Being Mom 3, is about my life as a wife, mother of 3, and as a woman. That encompasses a lot including our military life. I’m just becoming comfortable with discussing some things, but I’m sure that as I connect with other women who are blogging about life, I’ll feel much more relaxed about my blogging. We recently moved (pcs) from NC to UT, so I’m sure you know that I have tons to say about my experience.
    Makeda recently posted..Walk It Out Wednesday 6/6/12My Profile

  407. Jhona O. Says:

    Hi, my name is Jhona O., and I blog over at We Weirdos Need To Stick Together. We’ve been an Army family for 13 years and continue to enjoy the adventure! I enjoy reading your blog and thank you so much for putting this together.
    Jhona O. recently posted..The Simple Woman’s DaybookMy Profile

  408. Kate Says:

    married to an Army Soldier raising a family and everything in between
    Kate recently posted..Mount Beacon ClimbMy Profile

  409. kim Says:

    I am new to the military life and blogging. I would love to connect with fellow spouses!

  410. Kim Says:

    I tried to post my blog in the above comment. Like i said i am new to this whole blogging thing.

  411. Ashley Marie Says:

    Hello! My name is Ashley Marie and I have been happily married to my husband and the Marine Corps since November of 2007 so almost 5 years now. We have two pets, a cat and a dog, who live with us in 29 Pas, California. We are origionally from the east coast and will be moving back next year to buy a home and start a business and a family! We are so very excited! Follow our journey at my blog Gingerbread Said.
    Ashley Marie recently posted..We made it!My Profile

  412. Kourtney Says:

    Hi! I am Kourtney, and I recently started My Sailor to Me @ My husband began his Navy recruitment back in March 2012, and I searched the internet long and hard and found little help in the way of blogs about the recruitment and enlistment process. We had to resort to forums and Yahoo answer, which though useful, just didn’t make the cut. At one point, days before my husband finally overcame several hurdles and enlisted in the U.S. Navy, I decided that there are so many couples out there going through the same turmoil of recruitment, enlistment, DEPPING, that I thought, “Hey, I could blog about that!” So that’s where it all began. Now my husband is a DEPPER, and my hope is to keep on blogging until the day he discharges/retires. I’m a proud spouse of a DEPPER and the commitment my husband has made to his family and country, and I am looking forward to being part of such a loving, connected community. Take care and toodloo for now!
    Kourtney recently posted..Operational & Personal SecurityMy Profile

  413. Molly S Says:

    Hi there, I’m Molly, 27, and wife of a deployed Army Officer. I created my blog for a variety of topics to discuss surrounding our deployment, as well as my own life and health. I plan to have certain days of the week that I blog about certain things, such as Funny Friday.

    I’ve been trying to post this very same comment, and it never shows up. Hopefully this time it’s successful. >.<

    – Molly
    Molly S recently posted..Lawns, Doctors, and Medical IssuesMy Profile

  414. Phil Says:

    Wow who knew!! you have a Great Community, I will have to bookmark this page and come back to look at more of these great sites.
    Phil recently posted..ALL YOU MAGAZINE – FREE WALMART GIFT CARDMy Profile

  415. Sam Reddy Says:

    Hey y’all! I’m Sam and I am married to a Marine officer. I blog over at about food (weight watchers to be specific) and random things happening in our life
    Sam Reddy recently posted..An award, a prize, and a follower?!My Profile

  416. Phil Says:

    A Beautiful Wreck is a bad link. ( not a blog
    Phil recently posted..ALL YOU MAGAZINE – FREE WALMART GIFT CARDMy Profile

  417. Kim Says:


    I’m new in the world of blogging, but it is becoming one my favorite hobbies :) I got married to an infantryman in the Army National Guard last year and I am currently enduring our first deployment. I didn’t realize how many military wives blog, but I’m so excited to become part of the community! I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with everyone and I think you are absolutely wonderful for making these blogs available to us.

    My website is: (The Lessons of Military Life)- I basically write about whatever is on my mind and the experiences of Army life (although it gets crazy, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!)

    I look forward to your comments! God bless!


  418. Colby Says:

    Hey all!! I am a newbie Army wife and I am just getting started with blogging, but any ideas, advice, or encorugaement is welcome at my page:

    Colby recently posted..$$$$$$$My Profile

  419. Cait Says:


    I’m an Air Force wife, married to a C-17 instructor pilot (who will be a T-6 instructor pilot in the next few months… Yay PCS!). I’m a puppy mama to two yellow labs and we’re expecting our first human baby in February! I’d love for y’all to come visit me at ! I write about marriage, the military, kids, puppies, planes, my job, and whatever else happens to pop into my head for the day! :)
    Cait recently posted..Goodbye So HardMy Profile

  420. Hunter B. Says:

    I have had some trouble posting the button to my site, but I would love to be added to the military spouse blogging community. My husband is currently serving as a 2 LT Infantry Officer in the Army. We met through Pine Cove Christian Camps in Texas. Just before he left for Army Basic Training, Brooks asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. My response was, “Yes!” and the two of us became one on December 17, 2011. After the honeymoon we loaded up a tiny U-HAUL and moved my belongings to Fort Benning, GA, and again to Fort Hood, TX, where we are learning to live together in oneness, in the grace of the Gospel, for the glory of God. Our blog is intended for family and friends to keep up with their happenings along the way. I have found military spouse blogs to be very informative and helpful as I learn to navigate the waters of Army life, and would love to invite new Army wives to follow along if they find themselves in the same boat!
    Hunter B. recently posted..Moving MathematicsMy Profile

  421. Whitney Says:

    Hi, I’m Whitney, I’m a Navy wife. I started a Military PCSing/moving blog. Its filled with fabulous info and I would love to have other Military guest bloggers! I really hope I can link up and follow new people! Thanks, Whit
    Whitney recently posted..Bases and PlacesMy Profile

  422. Amber Says:

    Hello!! I absolutely love what you’ve done to bring the military blogging community together!! My name is Amber and I am an Army wife! Just recently started blogging my first deployment with my husband and here is the URL:

    SGT Park’s Wifey
    Amber recently posted..*Happy Independence Day*My Profile

  423. Nora Says:

    Hello! I am FINALLy getting around to posting your button on my blog (oops- bad mama). My website is I am challenging myself to put a new blog post for each day my hubby is deployed. That way he won’t miss anything.



  424. Audrey Says:

    Hi, I’m Audrey and I’m new to the military community. I’d love my blog to be a part of the community, Aud Comments at Thanks!

  425. Ashley Says:

    Hey Everyone,

    Check out – our military spouse marketplace for online yardsales by base! Let me know if you like it!

  426. Ashley Says:

    Military Bride

    My husband is active duty navy. I have a little bit of a different spin on life as a spouse since I myself am a military vet. This blog is a little bit of everything. I’m a vet, wife, mother, pet owner and full time student. My family deals with home ownership, moving, family and several generations of military.
    Ashley recently posted..The waiting is over….My Profile

  427. Ashley Says:

    ps i can’t figure out how to add your little box. i’ve been trying for twenty minutes.
    Ashley recently posted..The waiting is over….My Profile

  428. Ashley L Says:

    Army wife in georgia. Been blogging for almost 3 years! Please add me to the list!
    Blog titled LIfe As Lucy

  429. Kristi Says:

    Kristi @ Memoir of Sorts. My husband and I are both new to the Army and I’m wanting to document our lives on my blog!
    Kristi recently posted..Let’s make an Iguana cage; it’ll be fun!My Profile

  430. Keesha Says:

    Keesha @Madewithalohaonoahu I am an Army wife currently living the Island life in Hawaii!!

  431. Kelsey Eckhoff Says:

    Hello, I am a soon to be Army Wife, I have no idea what to expect these next few months but I am excited for the adventure. My “soon” to be husband (we aren’t do the engagement thing) is leaving in 2 weeks for basic so I’m a total newbie. Come check out my blog, it’s a work in progress but I need all the support I can get.

    Thanks, Kelsey

  432. Darlene Says:

    Name: Darlene Montgomery
    Blog name: With love, Darlene: Chapters Of My Life.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be added to this list! This is a great way to connect with other military spouse bloggers!

    • Darlene Says:

      Branch: Navy

      I forgot to add that I recently got married on July 7th to my best friend, 3rd grade crush, soulmate, hero, my everything… I started this blog because I was inspired to document my life after getting married, becoming a Navy wife, & how my life will change now that I’m finally living with my man after 5 years of a long distance relationship. I’m also hoping to connect with other military spouse bloggers <3

  433. Renee Says:

    I’m Renee @!
    I’m a Marine wife, and my blog is chronicling the adventure of trying to prepare for an overseas PCS to Okinawa, Japan. Once we are there, it’ll detail all our adventures in the Pacific, from adjusting to a new command, the language barrier, culture shock, exploring, reviews of sights and restaurants, and traveling to neighboring countries.
    Renee recently posted..Declutter…My Profile

  434. Shannon Ambroson Says:

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know I changed my blog address… My “Mommy Wings” blog has changed from to I am an Air Force wife and mom of two :)
    Shannon Ambroson recently posted..Mommyhood Monday: July 23My Profile

  435. Lateesha Says:

    Hi my is Lateesha and my blog is I’m so glad that I found this community because I didn’t know that there were so many military spouse bloggers out there! I just recently started blogging and it’s nice to find so many other wonderful ladies to follow!

  436. Kelly Says:

    Hi Ladies! Just recently got back into blogging, looking for followers. Branch: Marines, Stationed at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii; Home state: Kentucky.

    :) Kelly

  437. Ashley Says:

    Ashley @ The Life of Ms. A Bish

    Branch: Air Force

    I am a engaged to the man of my dreams and my best friend. My blog is just the story of me, him and our lives with a little other stuff thrown in there.
    Ashley recently posted..Hello New Look…My Profile

  438. Katelyn Says:

    My name is Katelyn and my husband is in the Army. We were married in June but I have some ideas on my blog on how to incorporate military. :)
    Katelyn recently posted..Name ChangeMy Profile

  439. Lizann Says:

    Lizann @ Adventures in Spain. Marine Corps Spouse and mom of 3 kids blogging about life in Rota, Spain.
    Lizann recently posted..Bowling with DaddyMy Profile

  440. Heidi Says:

    I am a Navy spouse, so please list me under Navy. I post one blog every Thursday detailing our adventures with our children at home and around the world, mostly in Africa, Europe, and North America. I don’t share travel tips per se, but simply share our experiences in hopes that it will encourage other families with small children to get out the door and explore new cultures and environments, whether that’s in their own neighborhood or on the other side of the globe.

  441. A Girl Says:

    My blog was formerly Deployment Woes, listed under Marine Corps. It has since changed names and URL’s. :) Thanks!
    A Girl recently posted..Bloody Mary’s Count as a Salad and Other Silly Things I Tell MyselfMy Profile

  442. Lisa Jones Says:

    Hi! I am a Navy wife over at Keeping Up with the Joneses at We are stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I write about being a twentysomething mom, living in Hawaii, and being a wife to an injured sailor as well as posts about being an Episcopalian, Native American, Southerner, and aspiring gardener and cook. I have added one of the buttons but it shows up as a broken image right now, hope the correct image pops up soon. Nice to see all you ladies!
    Lisa Jones recently posted..An Update on Clifton’s Knee InjuryMy Profile

  443. Ricci Bryner Says:

    Hi there! I’m Ricci and I am an ARMY wife stationed in Fairbanks, AK. My blog is Kinetic Wife So great to see so many military bloggers! Nice to know that we aren’t alone :)
    Ricci Bryner recently posted..Here’s StanleyMy Profile

  444. Debra Says:

    My blog is:

    We are a US Navy family.

    Thank you!
    Debra recently posted..HistoryMy Profile

  445. Kara Says:

    This is fantastic, and I would love to be a part of it :)
    Although my blog isn’t about the military life, it’s the result of it.

    My name is Kara, and my blog is called “Be Lured”
    Kara recently posted..Giclee (zhee-klay) PrintsMy Profile

  446. Rachel T. Says:

    Hi! Thanks for such a great compilation, and I’d love to be a part of this list too!

    I’m a newlywed Air Force Wife, although my hubby and I have been together through JROTC and ROTC programs in high school/college, so I have a little experience! He’ll be starting his Air Force career this fall and I’m jumping right in. Follow my transition from college life to military wife at “Crossing into the Blue: Adventures of an Offbeat Air Force Wife.”

    Can’t wait to hear from y’all!
    Rachel T. recently posted..My Dreadlocks (with pictures!)My Profile

  447. M Says:

    Hey, I’m an army wife currently living in Germany and would love to be added to the list.

    Thank you!
    M recently posted..icantregenerate:

    i should not have read his tweets. he is so…My Profile

  448. Carrie Says:

    Hey ya’ll!

    I’m Carrie, a Coast Guard Wife and mother of two toddlers. My blog, is all about my family’s chaotic adventures, mishaps, and fun times. I also host giveaways, reviews, guest bloggers, and contests. I’m super excited to join this new community and I hope to make some new contacts and new friends here :-) .

    <3 Love you Life right <3

    Carrie recently posted..What’s cooking?My Profile

  449. Kylie Says:

    Kylie @ Simply Kylie C
    I am an Army Fiance (soon to be wife after this deployment) and my blog is about Military life, DIYs, and my thoughts, feelings, and ideas in general.
    Kylie recently posted..The War with Afghanistan- The Forgotten WarMy Profile

  450. Ashlee @ Laugh with Ash Says:

    I’m so excited I found this. I’m pretty new to blogging, but I am so excited to get the ball rolling! & I’m so glad I found all these other military spouse blogs!!

    I am a Marine wife currently in Japan and I blog at

    I’d love to have new friends and readers =)
    Ashlee @ Laugh with Ash recently posted..Joys of "Nesting"My Profile

  451. Jessica Says:

    Hi! I’d love to be added to the active duty army list. My blog is we are stationed in Korea.

  452. Michelle King Says:

    I recently PCSed to Germany and I felt like I had a lot of unanswered questions about living in another country. Here on my blog I break down the steps to have a successful PCS to Germany. I also blog about our travels through Europe!

  453. Hillary Says:

    I will start off by saying I love you! haha I have been following you for over a year and just can’t get enough.. I finally just got a blog so that is why I’m finally commenting..

    I am a Navy wife and I have two beautiful boys and obviously the only woman in my household so that is why my blog is called “Covered in Mud” because life is messy raising little boys;)

    God Bless,
    twitter: covered_in_mud

  454. Jenna Says:

    This is awesome that you have done this!! Can you Place this under Army? Thanks in advance.

  455. Jenny Says:

    Hello I am deeply interest in reading these blogs as I am a soon to be army wife. I am aware that many of the bloggers share their personal experiences/ adventures and show each other support and would love to read on those experiences. Please let me know how I can access them. I do not have my own personal website/blog (YET). It’s in the works! :)

  456. Alexa Says:

    Good morning ladies… I am an Air Force veteran and a former Marine Corps spouse, so I get your trials and triumphs from both sides of the coin!

    Although I have been out of Active Duty since 2007, I still have a brother-in-law who is AD Navy, 2 cousins in the Army, and a cousin in the Marine Corps. 2 of the 3 are currently deployed. My heart is never far from the plight of the military family.

    Currently I blog about the trials and tribulations of motherhood, especially coping with the loss of one of twin daughters to Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). NEver heard of it? Neither had I until we were in the throes of it. Awareness could have saved my daughters life.

    I am proud to support military spouses and know that YOU are the ones who hold the family together!
    Alexa recently posted.."Finding My Muchness"My Profile

  457. Alexa @ No Holding Back Says:

    Hey I tried to post the support military spouses button and it is not working… Help please! Thanks!
    Alexa @ No Holding Back recently posted.."Finding My Muchness"My Profile

  458. Laurie Says:

    Hi there!

    I am an Air Force Spouse and we are currently stationed in Montgomery, AL and will be moving back overseas in the near future to Aviano, Italy! We have lived in Keflavik, Iceland and Misawa, Japan and met some amazing friends along the way! I love posting about our wild travel adventures. I am a DONA certified labor doula and LOVE helping moms have a great birth experience. Also a certified professional photographer and look forward to working on and developing my skills. I’m also crazy busy working on endless projects inspired by endless craft ideas found on the Internet :)
    Laurie recently posted..Stylin with ‘StachesMy Profile

  459. Nicole Michelle Says:

    Nicole Michelle @ Nicole Michelle’s (
    What happened when her Marine met his Jersey girl!
    Marine Corps

    Thank you so much!

  460. Kristine Says:

    This is beautiful!
    I’m Kristine @
    Army wife for 4 years…mother of 2 boys and staying fit for life!
    It’s great to see the list keep going and going between all the branches! Wonderful support here :)

  461. Sarah@ Chronicles of a Navy Wife in Perpetual Motion Says:

    I love your site! I recently started my own blog and would love to list it here :) I’m still figuring out the bells and whistles on my blog site. I just wanted to write, but there is so much more involved. I plan to add a few of your buttons today.

    My blog, Chronicles of a Navy Wife in Perpetual Motion, is an attempt to inspire and support other military families by sharing my own experiences, troubles and triumphs.

  462. Kathleen Says:

    Navy hanger-on here – I’m a 40 year old suburban mom, divorced with 2 kids, madly in love with my sailor for 3 years (actually, since I was 19, but that’s a long story). We’d like to marry, but he’s stationed across the country and I can’t move there because of my kids’ father. My take on the Navy is a little less direct because it doesn’t affect my day-to-day life, but my perspective has changed dramatically now that I have a direct stake in certain military decisions, and now that I have more insight about military life. I’m interested in reaching out to the Milspouse community for their wisdom, because God knows I need it.

    Also, I always include yummy cocktails on my blog. So I’m worth a visit for that reason, if no other.

  463. Laurie Says:

    Moved from Blogger to WordPress!
    Laurie recently posted..Just Moved!My Profile

  464. Miranda Says:

    Hi ladies! My blog covers my day-to-day life, friendships, college, work, and my struggle to stay busy while my fiance’ is deployed to Afghanistan.

    I am a soon-to-be Marine wife and I can’t wait to learn and grow from all of you!!

  465. Jo, My Gosh! Says:

    I don’t know if I belong here quite yet, but I’m a Navy fiance (soon to be a Navy Wife in July!). My blog, @, is my journal of surviving my fiance’s year-long deployment to Afghanistan, focusing mostly on care packages, crafting, and recipes.
    Jo, My Gosh! recently posted..Beach BoxMy Profile

  466. Sheena Castle Says:

    Hi there,
    I am an Army Wife:) My blog is to help moms learn how to make or save money online,
    Or to just communicate.
    My husband is airborne infantry..dont know if you need that info, but just incase.
    I tried several times to put the badge on my blog and it comes up as ” miliatry spouse blogs”
    not the actual badge..any reason why?
    Thank you,
    I look forward to being apart of the community
    Sheena Castle
    Sheena Castle recently posted..Money to help Women Start A BusinessMy Profile

  467. Tia Dye Says:

    Tia Dye @ Military Wife Theology 101

    I am a military wife and mom with a strong belief in the impact that a proper study of the Bible will have on my unique military life and the life of others. I study the Bible and work on my writing with a hope to reach out to others and share the truth of God’s word.

    I tried adding your “Military Spouse Blogger” button, but the image would not show on my page. Contact me if you think there is something I can do to correct the problem. Thanks :-)
    Tia Dye recently posted..Ultimate Blog Challenge 2012My Profile

  468. Jessica Says:

    Jessica @ On The Fly ( – wife of an Air Force Pilot, currently at our third base and living the military life!
    Jessica recently posted..Lily Sunday!My Profile

  469. Lottie Lee Says:

    Hello There!

    I’m the wife to a United States Marine Corporal currently stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC. I’ve added your icon to my blog!

    Thanks so much and keep up the great work with your site!
    Stay Glamorous & Semper Fi!

    xxx Lottie Lee

  470. Nicole Hood Says:

    Hi! My husband is Army EOD and I have a fun cooking blog called For the Love of Food @ Thanks!

  471. KiKi Says:

    Hi I’m KiKi and my blog is The Milspouse Living the Curly Life. I am USAF
    KiKi recently posted..Thursday 5My Profile

  472. WANDA Says:

    Trying to add the military spouse blogger to my blog, but it is not linking back to your site. It shows a ? instead of the button. Is something wrong with the link?

  473. Bonnie Says:

    I would love to be added to the Army Wife blogger list! :) My husband and I just got married in March & he is now deployed – i’m currently living “gypsy style” while he is deployed and can’t wait to be planted at our post when he gets back! Thanks!!
    Bonnie recently posted..Friday’s Letters!My Profile

  474. Kingsley Says:

    Army wife of an Infantry Officer at Fort Campbell, KY!

  475. Labrijoy @ Reality Strikes Mommy Says:

    I’m glad I found this website. I would love to be added to your military spouse blogger list.

    I’m the blogger behind

    I write about living overseas, motherhood, being a military spouse, sewing, traveling and photography. I also write reviews about products my family and I use. I write reviews about local restaurants in our area as well.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  476. Susan@Organized31 Says:

    It’s just like being on a virtual military base here with all the support!

    I’m the Air Force wife behind Organized 31, a humble little blog about organizing to simplify life and treasure my family.

    See you all soon.
    Susan@Organized31 recently posted..Couch Potato Organizing the Mosh Pit of Your PurseMy Profile

  477. Nicole @ Me + the Moon Says:

    I am an Air Force wife, currently stationed at MacDill. My blog started as a way for my family and friends to keep up with my first pregnancy, and has become a Modern Mama + Baby blog.


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