no bake reindeer poop cookies

December 14, 2009


Last week, when I received an email from the Family Readiness Group asking for baked goods for a Bake Auction, I was really excited! — Finally! Something I can do!

When you are a stay at home mom of many small children, being a volunteer is challenging!  I love volunteering my time to better our community, but I prefer not to put my children in daycare to do it.  Because then I would be paying to volunteer… and I find that hard to rationalize!

I decide to donate an Apple Rosette pie, Engineer Guidon Flag Sugar Cookies, No Bake Reindeer Poop Cookies, and my husband’s favorite – Chocolate Pudding pie.  (I’ll be blogging these recipes this week!)

This Bake Auction was a complete success earning almost $700 in about 30 minutes!


This was mostly because the Command also provided incentives!  They assigned numbers to the baked goods which coordinated with a list of freebies such as 4-day passes (take Friday and Monday off). So no one knew what was being auctioned with the baked item!  When a winner was pronounced, they announced the freebie!

All the money that was raised goes back into the FRG so we can plan events such as an Easter Egg Hunt this spring or buy the food to host a summer potluck picnic in the park!  So besides getting a yummy dessert, and the chance to win some extra vacation time, all the money goes back into programs to support the soldiers and families.  Everyone wins!

No Bake Cookies
1/2c. butter (1 stick)
2c. granulated sugar
1/2c. cocoa powder
1/2c. milk
Boil for 1 minute

1/2c. peanut butter (JIF)
1tsp. vanilla
3c. quick cooking oats (9 packets)
Mix together. Drop by spoonfuls onto parchment paper.

When you make this type of cookie, you are cooking nonstop -
((For me, this means my boys need to be asleep!))
Lay out all your ingredients/tools ahead of time, so you can move quickly!
Butter is all melted! Time to add the Sugar, Cocoa, and Milk!
(I use the BIG pot and set my burner to medium for this recipe.)
Prep your next ingredients while you are waiting for it to heat up
When you see it start to boil – set the timer for 60 seconds
Add the vanilla and peanut butter and stir until smooth.
((Hubby firmly believes only JIF peanut butter can be used.))
Take it off the burner and mix in your oatmeal and scrape it to the side.
Quickly quickly before it gets hard!

Now be careful not to burn yourself, and shape them into balls!
(hehehe… you had your hands in poop…)

Set aside the crumbs for your kiddos for when they wake up!
They will happily, help you clean the counter!

What is YOUR favorite Cookie, Cake, or Pie?
What are some successful fundraising ideas you have used in the past?

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2 Responses to “no bake reindeer poop cookies”

  1. pete Says:

    I’ve just finished making these, they’re cooling now. I had all the ingredient in the house which makes the recipe convienient. I pretty much followed exactly, but added an extra cup of oats to a) make it a little healthier and b) make the rich ingredients go a bit further. The tastes I had of the mixture left in the bowl was delicious – can’t wait to eat the finished product! Thanka a lot for this recipe!


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