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November 7, 2009


I started blogging in 2005 when Seth deployed to Iraq for a 12 month tour and I was pregnant with our first child. It was much easier for him to go to a website and see pictures/stories rather than download them individually via email. I would update once or twice a month with a bunch of pictures so he and our extended family could watch our baby grow. When he returned, I continued to blog occasionally but never really connected with the “blog-o-sphere”.

Over time, I have discovered there is an incredible network of Bloggers out there! Not just virtual “brag-book blogs”… but amazing, inspiring, creative, professional websites with wonderful content! I give much of the inspiration credit to my dear friend Monica over at Daily Dwelling for opening the door to the idea that blogging is much more than simply uploading stories and pictures.

So on this separate page, I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learned about blogging – and the places I’ve learned them from! There are so many talented people who are also willing to share their knowledge for free on their websites…

Sometimes I wish I could bake them a pie… but I’m old school like that…

First, some terminology
A few topics I’ve blogged about here at Household 6 Diva.

What does it mean to Subscribe to an RSS feed?

Where can I find a good list of Meme’s?
How I Overcame my fear of the Blog Frog Community

to Blog? or not to Blog?
Here is a list of links you may find interesting as a reader or a brand new blogger.

Beginning a Blog by Stop and Smell the Chocolates
Tips for a Beginning Blogger by Real Life

The Twitter Guidebook by Mashable (a GREAT place to start!)
What in the world is twitter by Mom Advice
How to use twitter by Musings of a Housewife

The Facebook Guidebook by Mashable
Facebook 101 vlog by Pleasing to You

Customizing your Layout
So you’ve been blogging for a while now, and want to start layout tweeking?
(B is for Blogspot, WP is for WordPress)

Blog Design – Open your Eyes by Life in the Country
How to create one type of Social icon (twitter, facebook, etc) by Add
How to create the LinkWithin widget by
How to create a Blog Button by A Heart for Home
B – Picture storage space by Tips for new bloggers
B- How to create a Calendar Archive
B- How to create a Label Cloud by Blogger Buster
B – How to create Post Dividers by Shabby blogs
B – How to create a Signature by Sneaky Momma
B – How to create a Signature by Kevin and Amanda
B – How to Export/Import Blogspot posts by Blogger Buster
B – How to Export/Import Blogspot posts by Roberto’s Reports
B – How to Edit your Favicon by Blogger Tips and Tricks
B – How to Edit your Favicon by New Blogging Tipz
B – Search/Create your own Favicon by
B – How to Add Email Subscriptions below Posts by New Blogging Tipz
B – How to add ‘Share this’ Footer Social Media Buttons by  Pep’s Top Blog
B – How to create a table in your post by Ceveni
WP – How to add a Carousel to Thesis by Michael Gray

Addie Designs – Free Wallpaper and Web Design
The Background Fairy – Free wallpaper.
Cutest Blog on the Block – Lots of Freebies, Tutorials, and Web Design.
Hot Bliggity Blog – Free Wallpaper and Web Design.
Fonts For Peas (Kevin and Amanda) – Amazing collection of FREE Fonts!
Key Lime Designs -  Wallpaper and Buttons here!
Rainy Day Blog Design – Lots of Freebies, Tutorials, and Web Design.
Shabby Blogs – Lots of Freebies, Tutorials, and Web Design.
Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates – Lots of Freebies, Tutorials, and Web Design.
Sneaky Mama Blog Design – Love this site — Tutorials are divided by Skill level – Lots of great tips/explanations with clear pictures and instructions.

Grow your Blog
Are you interested in being part of the Blogging Community?

Grow your Blog by the Happy Housewife
Grow your Blog – the Toolbox by the Happy Housewife
Building Content and Readership at Happy to be at Home
Building Readership by Amy Clark at The Motherload
Creating a Facebook Fan page for your Blog by Mommy Snacks
Creative Writing Part I a series by Raising Arrows
Blogging Bits and Tips by Keeping the Kingdom first
5Ps of Successful Blogging by Pampering Beki
Anatomy of a Post by Write to Done
Leaving Comments by Blogs Her Color
Search Engine Optimization for Beginners by Mommy Always Wins
How to write your About Me page by ProBlogger
10 things I wish I knew when I started by ProBlogger
Getting Started on StumbleUpon by Carrie Actually
13 Ways to Promote your Posts by ProBlogger
Blog Branding by ChrisG
7 Ways to Brand your Blog by MamaBlogga
101 Ways to Promote a New Blog by Daily Blog Tips
Effective Disclosure Policy by ProBlogger
How to Reach out to Bloggers by Chris Brogan
Do you make these 10 mistakes? by Michael Hyatt

Savvy Blogging (**note below)
Thinking of Blogging for more than just fun?

Begin to Blog by Mommy Snacks
So you want to be a Blogger by Carrie Actually
How to get a Blog Conference Sponsorship by Deal Seeking Mom
Example of a Conference Sponsorship post by Thrifty Momma
Too Qualified/Respectful for Good Content by Copy Blogger
Mommy bloggers deserve to get paid by Kelby Carr
Are you making these Blogging mistakes? by Income Diary
9 SEO Plugins every WP blog should have by Pro Blogger
Video: Why Bloggers Should Develop/Sell Products by Problogger
The Beginner’s Guide to tricking out your WordPress by Life Hacker
Moving from Blogger to WordPress by Digital Inspiration
Video: RSS in Plain EnglishMom’s Blog Resource
Unverified Email Subscribers by Pro Blogger
How to Blog like a Journalist by Kelby Carr
Set your Rates by Kelby Carr
SEO Made Easy – Free Ebook!
Are you talking AT or TO your readers by ProBlogger
From Blog to Small Business by Pro Blogger
What does your Disclosure say? by A Cowboys Wife
Crafting your Sponsorship Pitch by Blissdom
Search Engine Optimization Guide by Google
Choosing a topic for an Ebook by ProBlogger
SEO for WP-Thesis by Double Mule
13 Types of posts for lots of comments by ProBlogger
How to be a more productive Blogger by ProBlogger
10 Ways to brand your Blog by Daily Blog Tips
6 Ways to startup your WordPress by Blogging Tips
Blogging for Profit by Money Saving Mom
How to write a Product Review by Work from Home Tips
How to Promote your Blog with a Giveaway by Problogger

Blogging Basics 101
Blogger Buster
Kelby Carr
Savvy Blogging

Moving to WordPress
I’ve noticed lots of people moving to WordPress for various reasons…
Migrating from Blogger to WP by Marc Fuller
Switching from Blogger to WP by Digital Inspiration

If you don’t see what you are looking for, try using Google Search! There are some wonderfully creative places out there with good directions if you have the time and interest to take your blog to the next step!

**A Note about #SavvyBlogging:

There is a twitter stream I follow via Twitter, that have been using the hashtag “#savvyblogging” to share ideas about becoming a more “Savvy Blogger”. What started as a few simple suggestions and tips, has become an almost constant conversation with Bloggers all over the world.

The topics they have been discussing are primarily for professional blogs, but I have found many of the links interesting and relevant to my own blogging experience. So I thought I would include them here on this easy access page for both yours and my reference!

Do YOU have any great links to share? Leave me a comment and I’ll add them!

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3 Responses to “Blogging Resources: Tutorials and Links”

  1. Kim Says:

    Wow, good stuff. I am still very new to blogging, too. Thanks for all the info.

  2. Kristen @ Moms Sharpening Moms Says:

    Ann Marie!

    My word, you are one thorough woman! Thanks so much for posting all this information so neatly and concisely in one post. 3 fellow Air Force spouses (aka girl friends!) and I started a blog about 2 1/2 months ago, and your post will be a tremendous resource to us! Thanks you!

    God bless your sweet husband for serving. He is so valued and appreciated! And from one military wife to another, thank YOU for being the great woman behind (next to!) the great man!


  3. scrape box list Says:

    Nice collection, thanks! :)